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  1. CorynM

    Moving countries, how should I go about this with my cat?

    Hi! I’m moving to Japan in January for work. I have a 5 month old kitten named Jiji who I will be taking with me, but not right away. Unfortunately, due to Japan’s animal import laws and guidelines, Jiji would have to be held in an animal quarantine facility for around three months if I were to...
  2. CorynM

    Is my 14 week old kitten bloated?

    I give him both wet food and dry food! The wet is the same that he’s always eaten, so only the dry has changed. I agree that switching is probably what’s causing the issue - I’ll keep an eye!!
  3. CorynM

    Is my 14 week old kitten bloated?

    He was switched from Science Diet dry food to Iams Kitten dry food. Maybe that’s it?
  4. CorynM

    Is my 14 week old kitten bloated?

    Hi, I adopted a kitten about two and a half weeks ago and over the past few days, have noticed that he’s been passing some pretty noticeable gas, smell wise. Not super frequent, about three times in the last four days, but he’s never done it before. I can’t tell if he’s bloated or not, but I...