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  1. momofmany

    where do you buy your catnip/grass?

    I've seen catnip seeds at our local plant nursery, which happens to have a wall of seed packages to choose from. I'd avoid places like Lowes and Home Depot - any seeds they get tend to be old.
  2. momofmany

    Advice on how to help one cat after the other passed away

    I'm so sorry for your loss! :grphug: I've lost many cats over the years and not so different than humans, cats have their own way to grieve over the loss of their friends. I've had some respond marvelously when I adopted a new cat, and others that just wanted to be left alone for a while...
  3. momofmany

    I'm attending many cat shows these days - stop by and introduce yourself if you are there

    I was invited to the Waukesha show and passed on that one because I didn't have the time to drive to Wisconsin 2 weekends in a row (I live in Kansas City). I did attend the ACFA annual in Wausau at the prompting of a couple of ACFA people. The gate at Wausau was probably the worst of any show...
  4. momofmany

    I'm attending many cat shows these days - stop by and introduce yourself if you are there

    The club in Tucson is the Coatimondi Cat Club and they are TICA. I have found people that will show in both CFA and TICA once in a while, but that is in areas where there aren't that many other shows close by. There is another club group called ACFA (American Cat Fancier Association) that...
  5. momofmany

    I'm attending many cat shows these days - stop by and introduce yourself if you are there

    I'll wave back at you! I really wanted to attend the show in Tucson this year, but it's at least a 2 day drive for me and there are too many shows around the same time. My stuff is too heavy to ship so I'm forced to attend shows at reasonable driving distances. If I ever get to a point where...
  6. momofmany

    I'm attending many cat shows these days - stop by and introduce yourself if you are there

    I've been making pet products for about 10 years now, and started to attend the cat show circuit heavily about a year ago. Chances are, if you are anywhere between Louisville and Denver and attend a cat show, you might see me there. I'm the one that makes the PVC framed Cat Condos. They have...
  7. momofmany

    Prednisolone not available??

    My vet couldn't get her hands on the 5mg tablets for a long time, so she sold me the dog size of 10mg and we just cut it in half.
  8. momofmany

    CFA registration stats 2012

    Funny how I discovered this breed. I was wandering up and down the aisles at a cat show when I turned the corner and there was a very large beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat lying on the table next to a show cage. Loose cat, no owner in site, and I was about to panic until I noticed the cat was...
  9. momofmany

    CFA registration stats 2012

    I saw my first La Perm at a (CFA) cat show in Denver last month. I had never heard of that breed before. The owner drove up to this show from Texas, and it was the only La Perm in the show. She was also a vendor, so was happy that I was willing to help watch her cats while the show was going...
  10. momofmany

    Have you ever lived with a cat that had Arthritis?

    My old boy Stumpy had severe arthritis at the time he crossed last December just shy of 18 years old. The fact that he was the alpha cat in the house forced him to try to hide the discomfort of the disease for a long time, but I knew him well enough to see that he started feeling discomfort...
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  14. momofmany

    Our Fran (rapunzel47)

    I like to think that Fran is having fun with all of our bridge kitties.
  15. momofmany

    Understanding and working with the Feral Cat

    I've lived with nothing but feral born cats for the last 20 years. I was surprised to hear you use the word "tame", because I don't believe that you can ever tame a feral cat, you can only attempt to socialize them to humans. What I've found over the years is that the earlier you work on...
  16. momofmany

    King Stumpy is gone

    Thank you. My boys are playing hot potato with the alpha role. No one really wants it and they've just decided to take turns in that role when it happens to be convenient to them. And they aren't upset by it. Scarlett on the other hand is in-your-face clingy. She has never adapted to...
  17. momofmany

    My cat stepped in roofing bull

    That's great that you were able to remove it and thanks for letting us know what worked for our future reference!
  18. momofmany

    My cat stepped in roofing bull

    Not knowing what roofing bull is, I just googled it and found a thread on a DIY forum on how to remove it from your roof. The answers there were to scrape it off with a putty knife or use solvents. These are not good answers for your situation. Having worked at Home Depot in the paint...
  19. momofmany

    Comment by 'momofmany' in article 'Can Cats Manage Without Their Teeth?'

    My Stumpy lost all of his teeth from LPGS when he was 11 years old and lived to be nearly 18 years old. That was over 6 years with no teeth at all! I asked my vet (in jest) when she extracted the last of his teeth this question: If a declawed cat will start biting due to losing his claws as a...