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  1. iPappy

    Brother and Sister

    14 years, 2 months, brother and sister together since day one! (Please ignore sisters, bottom, ears. They're chronically bad and I have tresaderm in the fridge!)
  2. iPappy


    My cats have had eggs as a treat in the past, but we have hens laying like crazy and are getting overrun with eggs. I'd love to use some of them up and give the cats something healthy, but how much can I give them and how often? Should I feed them raw, cooked, scrambled, etc.? My dogs get...
  3. iPappy

    Health scare blooper

    I'm dealing with cancer in one of my dogs. So anytime I find a lump, bump, or something that isn't quite right I panic. Tonight, I lifted my little tortie into my lap and felt a lump just under her armpit region. I immediately felt my stomach drop. She's a very easy to handle cat, so I flipped...
  4. iPappy

    Catio questions

    Hi! I'm new here and we've just built a nice sized catio/enclosed area for my 3 cats and two dogs (Papillons). It's pretty well complete except for the "floor". There's a patio inside the catio, but the rest of the ground is a mixture of loose stone, dirt (mud), and thistles. There are a few...