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  1. sailon

    Strange Litterbox Behavior

    I know this subject isn't new, but I haven't dealt with this particular problem before and would appreciate any insights. As background, I've had Dodger for about 3 months now. He's a 2.5yo neutered male. He seems fine to me in every way and the vet assured me he's in good health. Until the...
  2. sailon

    Varying Cat Diet

    I have a new kitty, Dodger, and would like to add some variety to his current food. He is a 3 year old male and a little chunky, but not fat. He's just a big cat, and he hasn't gained any weight since I got him 2 months ago. He was eating Iams indoor dry food when I got him and I continued with...
  3. sailon

    Frontline Plus vs Revolution Plus

    Looking for feedback from anyone who might have used both and compare them for effectiveness and side effects. I used Revolution/Plus for several years on one of my cats and it worked well with no descernable side affects. I read up on the differences between the two, what they protect against...
  4. sailon

    Cat Won't Stop Biting

    (First let me say that I have reviewed prior threads on the subject and didn't see a direct fit, so here goes.,) I just got a new shelter cat about 4 weeks ago. Her name is Boo, is about 3, and only has one eye. With one major exception she is a delight. She loves to snuggle, romp, play with...
  5. sailon

    Little Max Passed This Morning

    I haven't posted recently put there are plenty of earlier posts about Maxine so I won't go into them here. She was my sole live-in companion for the past 12 years, so this is hard for me. She was 16 years old and first and foremost a cat. She could be fiesty, loving, aloof, fun loving,... All...
  6. sailon

    Long-distance Cat Travel Follow-up

    A couple of weeks ago I asked for advice re moving long distance with Maxine. Maxine is 10 years old and hates getting in her carrier, but once in settles down nicely.. I was nervous about Max being in her carrier for 5 to 6 uninterrupted hours without food, water, or litter. The general...
  7. sailon


    I'm moving soon - about a 5 hour drive to the new house. I have no alternative but to take Maxine in my car in her carrier. Is it realistic to expect Max to make that trip without a break? Max is 10 years old and has always hated being put in her carrier. Once in, she's fine. Settles right down...
  8. sailon

    Calico Cat Color Question

    I have a 10 year old long-hair calico. I've had her since she was 3. She is the somewhat typical black/white/orange, with mostly white around the stomach and legs. I could swear that over the years she has grown in new black and/or orange spots on her legs and neck. Is this even possible or...
  9. sailon

    Leaving Cats Alone

    What's the longest you would consider leaving your cat(s) alone, given adequate food, water, and litter? A day? A week? I realize it's not the optimal situation, but what if?
  10. sailon

    Cat Marking Territory, Again.

    I've had Maxine for about 5 years now. Perfectly normal indoor cat. The only time she ever peed outside her litter box was the day I first brought her home. A stray came up to the window and Max immediately left a drop of pee in the 4 corners of the house, marking her territory. I get that...
  11. sailon

    Cats And Q-tips

    Is anyone out there able to clean their cats ears with Q-Tips? If so, how do get them to keep still? I've tried the towel thing but she can still twitch her head and I'm afraid of injuring her ear. Thanks for any feedback.
  12. sailon

    Curious New Litterbox Behavior.

    Maxine (7 year old spayed female) has always been very regular with her Litter box use. Usually went 3 times a day which the vet said was fine. Stools have been ok I'm usually around so I've always cleaned her box shortly after she's used it. Now, however, every time I clean the box she...
  13. sailon

    Oral Alternative To Revolution

    Revolution flea med works well for Max but, without going into detail, it's a struggle to apply. Is there a pill that has similar effectiveness. Thanks.
  14. sailon

    Need Help With How To Apply Flea Med.

    Max occasionally gets fleas (sneaks outdoors). The only med I've had any luck with is Revolution, which is typically applied to bare skin on the back of the neck. My problem is that it is virtually impossible to do this by myself, and Max won't allow anyone else near her. She doesn't like to...
  15. sailon


    Anyone have any experience with this flea control product?
  16. sailon

    Getting Companion Cat

    I know this has been addressed in other posts, but thought I’d get some fresh views. I’m thinking about getting a companion for Maxine. Max is a 6 year old spayed female long-hair calico. Though she did recently run away for a couple of weeks with a neighborhood feral tom, she is normally a...
  17. sailon

    A Happy Ending

    Wasn’t sure if I should put this in the SOS forum, but since it’s no longer a problem I put it here. Anyway, Maxine disappeared about three weeks ago. Max is strictly an indoor cat, but somehow she managed to get out. I was so convinced she hadn’t that I even checked the stove and dishwasher...
  18. sailon

    Eating Same Thing All The Time.

    I appreciate that a varied diet might be good for a cat, but is there really anything wrong with a cat eating the same brand and flavor of food all the time? Over time Maxine has settled on one canned food that she prefers to all others, and now rejects everything else. Its a good brand, and...
  19. sailon

    Strange Eating Habit Feedback

    According to a number of threads on TCS many cats have the habit of taking the food from their bowl or plate and putting it on the floor before eating it. Maxine was one of these. I initially switched from a bowl to a plate (the whiskers theory) but that didn't make any difference. She also had...
  20. sailon

    Kitten With Huge Paws.

    Every weekend my local PetSmart shows cats from the local humane society for adoption. I was there today and saw this little kitten with gigantic paws. The card on the cage said it was an 8 week old domestic shorthair. Everything about the kitty looked normal except the feet. They looked like...