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    Bottle feeding newborns: kittens vs puppies

    For anyone who has fostered very young kittens AND puppies, how would you compare the two? What is different between them? I have a little experience bottle/syringe feeding kittens, but I know absolutely nothing about dogs/puppies (100% cat person here). I was just asked to foster a one-day old...
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    What are the chances of a black cat with blue eyes?

    I'm asking this purely out of curiosity. I have three black foster kittens who are a little over 3 months old. Two of them have eyes that are changing to yellow/green. The third's eyes have only become a lighter blue. I know it's too soon to tell and it will probably change, but since she's up...
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    Underweight 3 week old kittens

    I was given 5 3-week-old kittens to foster yesterday. I'm feeding them KMR with a bottle, stimulating them after meals, weighing them before and after, and giving them a heat source they can crawl away from. But it's been less than 24 hours and I already have questions. 1. They are TINY. Like...
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    Keeping 5 week old kittens clean

    Hi there, I recently started fostering kittens for my local shelter and am having trouble keeping my current pair of sisters clean. They have their premolars in so I think they're around 5 weeks, but they're tiny (360 and 460 grams). I've been feeding them a mix of wet food and kmr in shallow...