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    A very jealous cat? how to work on this behavior?

    I have 2 cats who are siblings and both love each other. The problem is 1 of them is VERY territorial (cat 1) and I feel bad for my other cat (cat 2) Cat 2 used to be VERY cuddly and sweet, always sitting on my lap but cat 1 gets very upset and would give the evil eye to cat 2. I noticed the...
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    rehoming cats massive guilt

    so got 2 kittens 4 or so months ago... everything has been going good until this week. they've started shedding tremendously, and having asthma I've been unable to breathe the last 4 nights or so even on Claritin and allerflo when trying to sleep. they are in a totally separate room , but...
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    one cat loves me, other one is indifferent

    have had kittens (5-6 months old?) for about a month and a half so far. at first kitten A was very friendly towards me and kitten B was a major scaredy cat. After a few weeks both kittens were very sweet and friendly with me. The turning point seemed to be when we introduced a vacuum cleaner...
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    Kittens terrified after first vet visit

    Had a horrible time trying to get my kittens I. Carrier for vet visit. Bloody everywhere from them trying to escape. their foster parent recommended during their vet visit we block off the couches and areas they would hide in and that’s what we’re doing. I’m worried though they will be so...
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    Do kittens outgrow sleeping/hiding under couches?

    Just got 2 kittens. 1 is pretty normal but the other is rather skittish but still comes out to eat and play. This is the first week we've had them and they are about 2-2.5 months old or so. They've found a place to sleep the last week under the couch we have, although there are some metal...
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    Day 3 of new kittens and they keep hiding in unsafe areas

    Just adopted 2 kittens maybe 2 months old. They let me occasionally pet them and play with them, but this evening when I checked in on them they were hiding under the couch and we got them out... then after playing with them for an hour or so despite the blockades trying to not give them any...
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    Fostering kittens

    I am planning on fostering kittens, do people have tips or best places to look for education wise on fostering?
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    Do feral cats get lonely without another cat around them?

    My semi-feral cat who I took care for 11 months was an indoor outdoor cat. Primarily outdoor. She always roamed around and whenever she saw a possum or raccoon she'd race to play with it. Also based on the cameras we had, she would have fun chasing other outdoor cats around and tried to play w...
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    Why was my cat so skittish around humans but others aren't?

    I had a semi-feral cat I looked after for 11 months. More in this thread: feel guilt about semi feral cat being eaten, need feedback. I 've been watching videos lately of people rescuing feral cats, and what I notice is that at first they hiss at them or run away. But once they give them...
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    what cat is this?

    this was my lovely cat for 11 months. she was the sweetest. Id like to know what breed she was or mix. I thought she was a calico but not sure.
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    peoples experience fostering kittens?

    dealing w the loss of my 11 month old semi feral baby and thought fostering might be a good way to be more at peace. feel guilt about semi feral cat being eaten, need feedback. never done it before but wanted to know a few things: 1) how difficult is it exactly? 2) is it possible to only get...
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    question on Advantage and parasites for outdoor cats

    My cat wasn't an outdoor/indoor cat who spent 70% of her time outside. also couldn't get a prescription for Revolution, so gave her Advantage that only helped w fleas --- 1) on last night, my cat would sleep curled up for 5 minutes then wake up and move to a different position and sleep again...
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    Therapists/grief counseling for dealing with cat loss?

    Hi, does anyone have a recommendation for a therapist/anyone who helps deal w loss of your cat? I see pets ones but was wondering about a specific person specializing in cat loss, specifically feral if possible. With the Pandemic/Covid19 going on, I wouldn't need to see them in person but by...
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    Questions about feral cats lifestyle long term

    From recent thread, just had a semi feral cat pass and had some questions as I'm dealing w the aftermath. - Do feral cats always have problems w fleas, ear mites, ticks etc??? I had put Advantage on my cat which seemed to stop the fleas (it was getting unpleasant for her and I saw at one point...
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    feel guilt about semi feral cat being eaten, need feedback.

    backstory: saw a cat in the corner of my outside house area 8 months ago. it was a baby and abandoned by its mother. I ended up feeding it and giving it water. At first it was extremely skittish, but over time it finally allowed me to pet it, and eventually started coming into the house to play...