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  1. golondrina

    Thread Starter

    Isn't the thread starter nomination shown anymore under the members name?
  2. golondrina

    Members on line?

    Cannot see list of members on line.
  3. golondrina

    Dry Food For 5 Years Old Cat

    How much dry food (Purina's Excellence) should a 5 years old cat eat daily?
  4. golondrina

    Members' Location

    I wonder if some members do not indicate their locations because they forget and not because they prefer not to do so. It seems to me that sometimes knowing members' locations would facilitate understanding of a situation or language expressions and realize the difference in hours when...
  5. golondrina

    Newsletter Received Today Has Disappeared

    This morning I received June's Newsletter but when I tried to reread it a few minutes later it had disappeared from my mail page. Why? Is there a way I can have it back? Many thanks.
  6. golondrina

    Will Cats Stay Away From Plants Sprayed With White Vinegar?

    I have recently read in Internet that one way of keeping your cats from biting your plants is spraying them (the plants not the cats :flail:) with white vinegar. Would appreciate any opinions. Many thanks.
  7. golondrina

    Adoption Of A 17 Years Old Cat Where Reigns A 5 Years Old Kitten?

    An elderly lady close to my family died a couple of days ago and no member of her family can adopt her 17 years old female cat. I am considering the possibility of opening my home to her but not sure how my about 4 and a half/five years old cat Sombra would react. Any opinions and advice would...
  8. golondrina

    Posting Links

    How do I transfer a link posted in the Forums lists?
  9. golondrina

    Contradictory Language

    My cat Sombra doesn't like to be brushed but she is resigned to it knowing that she will get rewarded with treats immediately after being brushed. She even jumps on to the cushion on top of my desk where brushing takes place every morning when I ask her to do so. What intrigues me is that...
  10. golondrina

    Can Cats Have Dandruff?

    When brushing my 4 and a half years cat Sombra I have noticed scales on her fur similar to human dandruff. Do cats get dandruff like humans do?
  11. golondrina

    Wet Food Fed Out Of The Fridge

    I normallly take the wet food a couple of hours out of the fridge before giving it to Sombra thinking she shouldn't eat it so cold but I have noticed that she prefers it cold, i.e. immediately out of the fridge. should I let her eat it so cold?
  12. golondrina

    Hairball Control Snacks (treats)

    I received lately with my food order for my four years old cat Sombra a package of "Cat Delicious Hair BallControl" treats. Sombra is brushed every morning, she is shorthaired and has never had any hairball problems. I have let her taste these treats and she loved them but before giving...
  13. golondrina

    Are Cats Really Nocturnal?

    Both my female cats, Cucumella, who crossed the bridge a year ago at 16 years of age and 4 years old Sombra, adopted 7 months ago, have always slept throughout the nigth with me on my bed without waking me up or disturbing me in any way. Now then I have often HEARD and even read that cats...
  14. golondrina

    Soft Gentle Patting Paws

    When cuddling close to my chest my cat Sombra often extends one of her front paws to pat my face so gently that I don't feel her claws which I interpret as an affectionate gesture. Unfortunately I'm not very skilful at taking selfies to register this. But Sombra doesn't reserve her patting...
  15. golondrina

    Cats Detesting Brushing

    My cat Sombra detests her every morning brushing. She is so sweet and gentle that apart from waving her tail showing her displeasure and trying to get away she doesn't show any aggressive intention towards me. When her brushing is finished and I let go of her she runs away but she immediately...
  16. golondrina

    Can Wet Food Addition To Diet Improve Dry/hard Stools?

    Since her arrival 5 months ago I have fed my 4 years old cat Sombra with Purina's dry food "Excellence" as recommended by the shelter's vet, free at her disposition. She loves it and it seems to suit her well. She is a happy kitten full of energy and mischief. However, when scooping her...
  17. golondrina

    Antiodor Snacks For Cats

    I have just remarked that the treats I bought for my cat Sombra are treated to reduce fecal odor. Can anyone confirm that this is a comon treatment safe for cats consumption? Many thanks .
  18. golondrina

    Cats Grooming And/or Petting Their Humans

    I am not always sure whether Sombra is grooming me or showing her affection. Although she doesn't appreciate her daily brushing she will BOTH try to bite the brush AND lick my hands while trying to get away. When I pick her up to stop her from doing something naughty although she will...
  19. golondrina

    Waving Tail Messages

    I have often read that when a cat waves his/her tail side to side he/she is uncomfortable and even angry. However sometimes when my 4 years old Sombra is lying on my lap with her front paws on my chest she will slowly wave her tail. I don't hold her so that she is completely free to go away if...
  20. golondrina

    Posts Of Watched Threads Not Shown In My Mail Page

    Many new posts of threads that I am watching are not shown in my mail page. Sometimes I learn there is a reply thanks to the alerts. Can this be corrected, please. Many thanks. Golondrina