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  1. Father of furbabies

    An Interesting Video I Watched About Cats On Facebook

    I thought this had some interesting information but how much is true? Anyone have an opinion?
  2. Father of furbabies

    Take A Guess (as We Are Guessing Also)

    Hello all that might want to take a guess at what our furbaby is made of (depending on who you ask it is sugar and spice or tooth and claw). We found him at the tender age of around 5 weeks old and he looked like this but now he looks like this We thought at first he was a burmese mix then...
  3. Father of furbabies

    Not So Good Ending Of A Purrtastic Day

    I had just finished putting up the left overs from dinner when our littlest one darted under my foot as I stepped. As you can expect I stepped on her but thankfully she was not harmed as I felt the fur under my foot as she started to go squish and let myself fall over before my full weight (225...
  4. Father of furbabies

    Hello All

    Sorry not to have posted here first but still learning my way around. I'm the father of four furbabies, two feline and two canine. I happen to find your site while searching for some information about our new kitties and realized how wonderful the site and people are so I decided to stay...
  5. Father of furbabies

    Our Seventeen Year Old Baby

    Kallie (short for calico since the wife would not let me name her Crunchy: see below for why) was just a month to 6 weeks old when we rescued her from the SPCA. She was the only survivor of her litter due to them being used as bait cats in a dog fighting ring that was broken up. She was found...
  6. Father of furbabies

    Our Furbabies

    I get a kick out of taking pictures of our two new babies in the house and when I discovered this site which encourages the sharing of images of our furry babies, I get to share the photos with people that enjoy them. Without further ado, here is some pics of my little ones. Shade a few weeks...