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    Cat vomiting a lot..

    Hey, my cat is 5 years old (persian) weighs about 8 pounds. She was healthy as recently as she threw up in the morning and keeps throwing up every hour or so. Sometimes it’s yellow liquid but it’s mostly white foam like stuff. She was very dehydrated so I tried giving her...
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    Wound In Kitty's Head?

    Hello. I don't know what this is..I'm using Neosporin on it but it won't go away. I thought it was a wound but now I'm not sure. What does it look like?
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    Cat Sometimes Breathing Rapidly, Noisy And Mouth Agape

    Hello, my 2 and a half years old kitty suddenly started breathing weird since this morning. It's really hot out here so I thought she had heat stroke but she wouldn't stay in the fan/ac, instead she'd hide inside drawers and closet. At first she was meowing (she's usually really quiet) it's a...
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    Ants On Cats Urine

    My older (about 2y old) cat urinated in my room at night (?) I woke up at like 4 in the morning to see these black ants everywhere. Usually she urinates in sand at my backyard so I don't pay much attention. She's a little overweight and has a big appetite. Also, she drinks more than usual I...
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    Cat Scratch

    Hey, a stray cat scratched me on my feet. It bled a little so I washed it with water and soap and put some Neosporin on it. It stopped bleeding eventually. It doesn't hurt or anything but I'm kinda worried that I might catch some nasty viruses. The thing I'm most worried about is rabies. I know...
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    White Bump?

    There's a white bump in her gum. It wasn't there yesterday. Now, I'm not sure what it is. She doesn't go out often so it's highly unlikely she ate something off. She isn't eating much btw. I don't wanna go to a vet unless I absolutely have to, as I'm busy with college. How bad does it look...
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    Bump In The Gum

    There's a white-ish bump in her gum. It isn't big but noticeable in bright lights. It wasn't there a couple days ago. She's acting fine, but not eating much. Is it a bug bite? Or some sorta bacterial infection?
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    Kitty In Heat!

    Hey, my 11 months old Kitty is in heat, I think. She's been super vocal, like yowling and constantly meowing. She'd wake up at night and start making these weird noises. I know it's my fault that I hadn't gotten her fixed before..I was running short on money, but yeah anyways. I was thinking...
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    Kitty Has Runny Nose

    Hello, my 6 months old kitty "Snow" has a runny nose and sometimes she sneezes. Generally her nose is fine.. a little moist. But when she wakes up after a nap she gets watery nose. Then she'd rub her nose on my face, purring and meowing. Is it cold or some nasal infection? Should I take her to...
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    Cat bit me.. It's red and swollen..

    Hello, the thread title should be self explanatory. My 3 months old kitten bit me like an hour ago. It bled a little so I quickly washed it with hand wash. As you can see in the picture, it's a little swollen and the bite mark is there. Should I be worried? Fyi I've already had her vaccinated...
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    Throat noise..

    Hello. I have two three months old kittens. They're eating well, playful and cuddly. But I've noticed that when they're relaxed or half asleep they make this throbbing noise from their throat and it feels like their chest and back are also rumbling. It's loud and constant. It goes away after a...
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    Fat belly and won't eat..

    Hello, my 48 days kitten has a fat belly and she won't eat much. She won't poop as well. She seems fine from outside though. She's playful, always hyper active. But sometimes she just looks off.. Should I be worried?
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    How to clean stain/dirt?

    How do I clean up this yellow-ish stain under her eyes? Whenever I try to wipe it off using a cotton ball dipped in warm water, she looks away or scratches me. It's only been like 4 days since I adopted her, so I haven't given her a bath yet. Sometimes she sneezes so..
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    Hard black stool from kittens. And is sheep milk or goat milk good for young kittens?

    Hi I have two kittens, 48 days old, called, Snow and Flake. They're both female/sisters. I just got em like two days ago. They are persian. They're hyper active and sometimes not so much. They eat 4-5 times a day, but not much. They just luck up the food, drink a little water and off. The first...