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    Generic selamectin?

    I'm guessing that the patent expired that made Revolution the only available brand of selamectin, and now the price of Revolution is about 50% higher than it used to be, making it prohibitively expensive. Have people used the new Senergy brand of selamectin?
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    How to interest cats in water fountain?

    I ordered a Petkit water fountain to encourage my cats to drink more water. I have six cats in the household due to a couple of foster failures. I figured that maybe one of them would use it and the others would copy that behavior, but, to my surprise, they all just kind of sniffed at it and...
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    Transdermal methimazole transfer to owner?

    I actually treat two hyperthyroid cats daily with transdermal methimazole, my own cat and my mother's. I always carefully wear gloves when applying it, but I'm wondering if I may be getting exposed just by my cat cleaning herself, wiping her ears with her paws, and distributing it over her coat...
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    Younger cat intimidating older cats

    Being a volunteer rescuer, I have had some foster failures, so I have ended up with 6 cats in the house, their ages being 15, 13, 12, 10, 5, and 3, five males and one female (13), all spayed/neutered (obviously). The 3 year-old, named Cole, was one I found at my TNR colony when he was ~8 weeks...
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    Supplements for arthritis

    My mother's cat (my cat's sister) is approaching 16 and had been having pretty obvious problems with arthritis, so the vet started her on Dasuquin Advanced ~8 months ago. I was a bit skeptical about the effectiveness, but I've been religiously giving her a full capsule every day. Interesting...
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    Oral cancer -- advice for end of life care?

    After losing her brother 7 months ago to lymphoma, my 13 year-old sweet little girl has been tentatively diagnosed with oral squamous cell carcinoma. I'm heartbroken. The vet did a biopsy, but I get the feeling it's just to confirm what she already knows. She was given a steroid injection to...
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    13 year-old with chronic sniffles and stomatitis

    My 13 year-old calico has developed chronic sniffles, and she's been having problems with gingivitis/stomatitis for a couple of years. She had to have most of her teeth removed as a result of the gingivitis. She was treated at the end of December with a combination of Convenia and steroid...
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    Litter box dust & eye irritation

    This is perhaps more about me than about my cats, but I recently did an early spring-cleaning of my house, going into rarely-accessed corners and bookshelves, cleaning and vacuuming everything. There was a fine coat of litter box dust pretty much everywhere. Now, over the past year, I've been...
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    Differing vet opinions on dental cleaning

    Since I'm involved in cat rescue and have six cats of my own, I've developed client relationships with multiple vets, including one that's close to me and has extended emergency hours. One is out on the country and has lower prices on routine things, and one is an independent vet a half-hour...
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    How do you keep track of your cats' health records?

    I've decided to get more organized about keeping track of things like vaccinations, etc..., so I've set up an Excel spreadsheet to keep it all in one location and make it easier to keep track of. In total, between mine and my mother's, I'm responsible for looking after seven cats. Since mine...
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    How would you handle a serious veterinary prescription mistake?

    I saw my regular vet yesterday, and my cat was prescribed four days of meloxicam, which they gave to me in pre-filled syringes. I'm in the habit of always double-checking prescriptions and doses before giving my cats any medications, and I quickly noticed that the amount looked incorrect. It...
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    Metronidazole and interpreting its effects on diarrhea?

    I'm dealing with a ~7 month old rescue cat that had been living outdoors in a semi-rural area and that came in with diarrhea and bad gas. Stool sample was negative, but I know an individual stool sample doesn't always catch everything. My vet originally tried Hill's Digestive Care food plus...
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    15 year-old with vision loss due to cataracts and anxiety

    My oldest cat is 15 and otherwise pretty healthy, but he has cataracts that are slowly diminishing his vision. He will periodically start doing what I call "distress meowing," that peculiar yowling sound they make when something is wrong. He'll either find me and jump up in my lap or wait for...
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    Rescue cat (~7 mo.) with diarrhea

    I retrieved a young male cat around 7 months old three days ago and took him in for a neuter/vaccination package at the spay/neuter clinic two days ago. He's adapted to being inside very quickly, making me think he was previously socialized and seems very happy and content. He doesn't present...
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    Young cat rescue, probably pregnant, how to proceed

    I got a call from an elderly woman in a rural area I've helped with cat rescue before, and what I have is a small female cat, under 1 year old, who's living outdoors under her deck. The cat just showed up. I went by to assess the situation yesterday. The cat was initially skittish, but warmed up...
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    When a missing cat returns to your TNR Colony

    I went to feed the few remaining members of my TNR colony this morning, and one had missed the last two feedings. I had assumed she'd been killed by a coyote, but she was back. I figure most people don't know how good it feels when you think you're never going to see them again, but they...
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    What's happened with Revolution/selamectin prices???

    Last year, I stocked up on Revolution when my vet had some sales, and they just sent me a reminder to restock. The price appears to have skyrocketed since last year. Is it related to the craze for ivermectin and people buying it up as a supposed COVID treatment?
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    My thirteen year-old grey boy has cancer

    Over the last 14 months, I've been dealing with issues that two different vets concluded was gingivitis/stomatitis that would probably only be resolved via a general tooth extraction, which we finally did in April. He appeared to be recovering from the dental surgery and was gaining weight. Then...
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    Weight Gain Supplement Post-Dental Surgery?

    My 13 year-old male cat had to have extensive tooth extractions due to chronic gingivitis. Surgery was 10 days ago, and he's had a re-check, so he is healing properly. We've been trying to treat this over the last year and did the extractions when other treatment options didn't work. In the...
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    How to get cat to tolerate e-collar?

    I've had three situations this year when the vet has sent my cats home with e-collars, and all three times, I've ended up having to take them off because it was pretty clear the cats were going to injure themselves trying to get it off. The latest was today when one of my older cats had to have...