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  1. kittens mom

    Need User Input. Cat Harness Which One Is The Safest.

    It appears I have one of THOSE cats that while raised indoors from birth would greatly benefit from some outside time. A catio is out this year we have other home projects so I'm wondering if this might fill the gap.
  2. kittens mom

    Tera + 2 - 4

    This is the stray that I think has been living here for some time. I coaxed her out and got her to eat a few weeks ago and then noticed she was full of kittens. My first instinct was to simply spay her. This has been a long sad year I couldn't do it.  Two days ago Tera gave birth to 6 kittens. I...
  3. kittens mom

    Scrapbooking tips

    I thought it would be easy to go buy the scrap book and some trimmings and start making one for Kitten.  I am an artist. And I'm totally lost and a bit confused on how to start filling those empty clear plastic pockets in the scrap book. What works, what doesn't , any tips on not just making...
  4. kittens mom


    4 month old tortie medium hair. Listed as shy and possessing cattitude. Returned for aggression, biting and scratching.  She is loving and sweet and trills in joy when she sees me. I have no bites , scratches and have not seen the least bit of aggression except when she caught her reflection in...
  5. kittens mom

    For my Kitten

    May 21, 2004- November 29 2015
  6. kittens mom

    My Cat Kitten was blinded because of a bad veternarian overdosing her with Baytril

    Here is my original thread about my cat being blinded by Baytril. It was never intended to become a blog about her last week of life with us. But it did. She was euthanized yesterday due to liver failure.( much more complicated than that but enough information to understand it became the main...
  7. kittens mom

    Cat blinded by Baytril

    To the point. My 10 year old cat had her first ever bout of URI. When the symptoms advanced we took her to a local vet. She felt her chest had a bit of a rattle and started her on an antibiotic and gave us pills to dose her daily. Kitten got a shot Saturday and her meds sun, mon and tues. Early...
  8. kittens mom

    New here

    I'm new here. Both of my cats came down with an URI last week. The one had nothing more than a runny eye and sneeze. My other cat , Kitten had it much worse. Off to the vet right ? The vet was concerned that it was moving into her lungs and felt that supportive care was no longer the best...