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  1. strider rose

    Question of the day Friday July 1 2022

    if you were a cat what would your name be ? mine would be geneveive
  2. strider rose

    Friday June 24th question of the day

    If your cat were a super hero who would they be and why ?
  3. strider rose

    stardust is not feeling her best

    lately she has been having coughing fits and im wondering if she has asthma ? any suggestions ?
  4. strider rose

    question of the day Friday june 17,2022

    Good morning TCS family .... today is my wedding anniversary how do you celebrate your wedding anniversary ?
  5. strider rose

    pics of my cats dressed up ( photo shop)

    stardust is dressed for the 4th of july !
  6. strider rose

    im feeling a little down today .... i could use a friend to talk to

    there has been a lot going on here at my place that has me feeling slightly on edge , patience is running low with the hubby and like i have no safe place to be at when hes gone to work ... a homeless young man has been coming to my door when im sleeping and taps on my door like 5 or 6 times...
  7. strider rose

    question of the day - friday june 3rd

    hello to all my tcs family ! i got chosen to do friday's question of the day ! question for you all : if you could visit anyone from TCS , who would you pick ? me i would like to go see jcatbird next
  8. strider rose

    my new hair style

  9. strider rose

    the united states a-z

  10. strider rose

    today was my grandmas funeral

    it was showing online and so i watched it a little bit but started crying so i had to leave the live cast ... its been a rough week for me :bawling2:
  11. strider rose

    feeling really drained

    does anyone else have times where they are so drained that they cant even function ? well thats me tonite sort of ... i have been having some severe pain with my left knee most of the day and so i have done nothing but rest all day and most of the night ...
  12. strider rose

    tiki cat treat sticks

    has anyone heard of or tried the tiki cat treat sticks ? i saw them listed on amazon but not sure how good that brand is ? any info is appreciated
  13. strider rose

    tomorrow is Jcatbirds birthday

    :redheartpump: :heartshape::bday: @Jcatbird
  14. strider rose

    today is my 49th birthday

    happy birthday to me lol :lovecat:
  15. strider rose

    happy birthday to Mamanyt1953

  16. strider rose

    marilyn monroe is gone

    my brothers cat passed away overnight last night and will be greatly missed ...
  17. strider rose

    TCS member birthday thread 2022

    post your birthdays here so that we can wish you all a very happy birthday mine is april 1st
  18. strider rose

    Fuzzy Cat Beds

    i bought a fuzzy calming cat bed from bed bath and beyond and it has proved to be a good investment for my girls
  19. strider rose

    does anybody latch hook ?

    i have started doing latch hook rugs as a new and exciting hobbie ...its a work in progress but will post my rug when its completed