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  1. chromium blues

    Drinking Like A Fish

    I get one 5.5oz can down her per day, which is the amount recommended for her body weight. Whether or not it stays down is another story. So far, so good to-day.
  2. chromium blues

    Drinking Like A Fish

    Sitting over the water dish now. Nauseated. Contacted the veterinarian about serenia. They'll get back to me this morning. She has an appointment for next week. We've given fluids last night and this morning. If I can't get a shot for her, I'll pick up some good old k-p. Still syringe-feeding...
  3. chromium blues

    Drinking Like A Fish

    She's had subcutaneous fluids and the veterinarian says she's well-hydrated. She does not have diarrhea and I'm supplementing one of he feedings with nutritional yeast. She hasn't missed a meal because she is syringe-fed and the food is staying down. Its the incredible amount of water she's...
  4. chromium blues

    Drinking Like A Fish

    Appetite stimulant did not work. The veterinarian does not want to start her on prednislone (sp?) yet because one side effect is excessive thirst. He blood sugar is within normal range and her urine is well concentrated.
  5. chromium blues

    Drinking Like A Fish

    Seventeen year old tabby and white spayed female. Blood and urine came back normal. Weight is good. Coat is good. No appetite. Drinks like a fish and then spends the night vomiting. Any suggestions? X-rays showed nothing abnormal. Can't afford an ultrasound. Treating with metronidazole (sp?) a...
  6. chromium blues

    Need Any Suggestions On What To Do

    My cat had mouth ulcers from the pancreatic enzymes he has to take (this was just after diagnosis, before we learned to encapsulate them). It was tricky to get him to eat while he was healing, but dusting his food with brewer's yeast definitely helped.
  7. chromium blues

    Time To Put Blue Buffalo On The Special Watch List

    Blue Buffalo was sketchy, crap-tastic food from go and I'd feed Whiskas before I would ever feed Blue. Its not even raccoon food.
  8. chromium blues

    What Is The Next New Cat Food You Want To Try?

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets excited about new cat food!
  9. chromium blues

    What Is The Next New Cat Food You Want To Try?

    I've just tried Open Farm Whitefish on most of my cats (NOT Montgomery...) and they love it. This is a pretty neat new company and if you haven't heard of them, check them out.
  10. chromium blues

    New Here With A Question...

    Feeding station. Take a rubbermaid tote, cut a kitten-sized hole in one end of it, place the food at the opposite end of it, put the lid on, pile some old telephone directories or other books on top, expand hole as kittens grow. Ta-da!
  11. chromium blues

    Housebreaking And Cat Attractant

    The person on the left is Amy Ray, the right is Emily Saliers, and they are singers. I'm a huge Indigo Girls fan. Montgomery sleeps in his new litter box. He loves it. He curls up and naps the morning away there...
  12. chromium blues

    Housebreaking And Cat Attractant

    She is a blessing, with nearly thirty years of practice behind her before she bought this little clinic. An amazing veterinarian. We've thrown her so many curve balls since, and she hasn't even blinked.
  13. chromium blues

    Housebreaking And Cat Attractant

    Thanks everyone for the help. He eats Hill's w/d dry food and Royal Canin Ultra Light canned food. Its a delicate balance. Too much dry, he gets constipated, too much wet, he gets uncontrollable diarrhea. He eats six small meals each day, with two size zero capsules filled with his Pank-Aid at...
  14. chromium blues

    Post A Song Title (a-z)

    Morning Please Don't Come - Dusty Springfield
  15. chromium blues

    Desperately Need Help :-(

    Sometimes the medication needs to happen, and its not always forever. Medicating the aggressor doesn't mean that you stop behaviour modification, it just gives you some breathing space.
  16. chromium blues

    Housebreaking And Cat Attractant

    My little fellow Montgomery is six years old. He has EPI, IBD, and SIBO. He also has a urinary tract infection and is on antibiotics. Because of the EPI, his idea of the litter box is rather abstract...Up until the urinary tract infection, he was getting better about peeing in the litter box...
  17. chromium blues

    "Famous" people that annoy you

    The list is as long as my arm, honestly. Richard Simmons Celine Dionne Nickelback Justin Beiber Bruce Jenner and those associated with him Tom Jones And on, and on, and on....
  18. chromium blues

    Need help finding things to hide cats pills in

    Pill gun, pill gun, pill gun. It makes life so much easier. Then you know its down the hatch where it belongs, no question.
  19. chromium blues

    Any love for the music made between 1965 and 1975?

    Dusty Springfield Marianne Faithfull The Seekers Sandie Shaw Petula Clark Lulu Cilla Black
  20. chromium blues

    Recurrent eye infection in senior cat

    Some cats are just prone to it, unfortunately. Is the discharge coloured (green, yellow, or white) or is it just clear or brown-tinged? If it is the former it is infection, the latter, irritation or a blocked tear duct. If it is the first and it continually comes back, it may mean that the cat's...