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  1. Knight's Cat

    Cat Scratch

    So I have this 11 month male neutered and fully vaccinated cat.. And he loves to fight. To be specific only with me. No one in the family has ever been bitten by him, except for me. And it is him who always initiates the fight. Like I am in my room, and this demon suddenly decides to jump on the...
  2. Knight's Cat

    Vegetarian Cat.

    Hello Everybody, My 9 month old male cat has suddenly decided to go vegan. He loves to eat chicken and his Whiskas kitten dry food. Usually until he gets his chicken once a day he is not satisfied. But today he refuses to eat both, chicken and dry food. I have a balcony garden and he had been...
  3. Knight's Cat

    Cat Spraying.

    Hey Everyone, So my 7.5 Month male cat who had never sprayed before suddenly decided to do so on the dustbin while standing in the litter box staring directly in my eyes. He was neutered on 21st December, So I don't know why he started it now. Any Idea how to stop this.
  4. Knight's Cat

    Travelling Cat.

    I have to take my 7 months old male cat to a mandatory trip, consisting of a 15 hour train ride from 6 pm to 9 am. He is familiarized with his carrier yet when travelling in the car he meows a lot. Any tips for the travel? I read online about sedatives and anxiety calming tablets. P.s I tried...
  5. Knight's Cat

    Post Neuter Care.

    Its been 12 hours since neutering. I just got my 6-7 months old male cat neutered at 4p.m on 21 Dec. For the next 6 hours he was sleeping and around 10 woke up to have some food and water which he last took the night before. Its 4a.m and he is still sleeping but he tries move out of the room...
  6. Knight's Cat

    Is he now an adult?

    I had adopted a male kitten who was around 2.5 months old when I took him around 2.5 months ago. So he should be around 5 months. I made him a kicker toy out of a sock (quite a long one), due to the advice of the Forum members and he loved it so much that it is now his most favorite toy. No...
  7. Knight's Cat

    Sad Cat

    My 3.5 month old cat had his first vaccination (Tricat) yesterday. After reaching home he was very tired, and was sleeping very deeply for 3 hours. Due to some urgent work all of us had to leave the house for about 3 hours, and it happened just after he woke up from his slumber. The thing is...
  8. Knight's Cat

    Should I ignore my Cat?

    My recently adopted 3 months old male kitten, has become way aggressive. But I think it is only towards me. I believe that it might be because of me trying to stay with him. I live in a family of 4, with my parent and brother. My brother ignores my kitten most of the time since he is busy with...
  9. Knight's Cat

    Advice on Cat Food.

    I have adopted a 2-3 month old male kitten from shelter. And I have been trying to give him homemade food. Can you give feedback and suggestion on whether I should continue on with this or stick to Whiskas. The mix I give him Contains:- A Packet of Whiskas kitten Chicken gravy or Tuna Jelly...
  10. Knight's Cat

    Angry Cat

    I adopted my male kitten from a shelter at the supposedly age of 2 months. Its been 24 days since he is living with us now. The first week he was with us, his behavior made us feel that we got the perfect child. Always staying with us, purring constantly, as well as very playful. Fast forwarding...