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  1. jisaacson214

    Moist tail

    My 3 year old Oriental Shorthair named Grembly has developed a new habit. She will lick the tip of her tail until it’s all moist. I took her to the vet & they said nothing appeared to be broken, there’s no dermatitis or dandruff, and she lets you touch her tail with no issue. No hair loss or...
  2. jisaacson214

    Excessive licking

    The tail looks totally fine. Nothing abnormal that I can see. No balding (yet) or red skin. I suppose she could’ve gotten some thing on the tail but this is a LONG time cleaning it off.
  3. jisaacson214

    Excessive licking

    Hello all, My 3 yr old Oriental Shorthair named Grembly has suddenly developed an odd habit. Onset was about 2 days ago. Grem has been randomly licking the tip of her tail, saturating it in her sticky saliva. I of course find out abt it when I go to pet her & get a handful of spit. No hair has...
  4. jisaacson214

    Does your cat cover their poop/pee?

    Ember will scratch literally everywhere BUT where she needs to in order to cover her poop. Her poop is quite odoriferous too! Thankfully Grembly will come in & bury it for her.
  5. jisaacson214

    Behavioral issue?

    I recently had some major changes in my life & I’m worried it’s negatively impacted one of my cats. A little background: Grembly came into my life when she was 4 months old. From the very beginning, she was always wanting to be with me. She’d follow me all over the apartment, wanting to be...
  6. jisaacson214

    Stress behavior?

    I have 2 Oriental Shorthair cats, aged 3 & 4. Back in December of 2020, I lost my job b/c of COVID/budget cuts & only recently was able to find work. The position I accepted is with the county, so I’m moving there on 7/1/21. Ever since I started packing, both girls have been acting weird. Ember...
  7. jisaacson214


    I have two cats, each with their own digestive concerns to contend with. Up until very recently I was feeding them both the same food. Ember is on a prescription food diet & Grembly was just eating whatever her sister ate. Now, Grembly has developed an issue of her own & is also on Rx pet food...
  8. jisaacson214

    Adderall Warning- cat attract: if you don’t know read this

    I too had a recent scary experience involving my cat & Adderall. One morning I was taking my pills out of the bottle & one fell onto the counter. My cat Grembly picked it up in her mouth & took off running w it. Thankfully I was able to catch up to her & get her to drop the pill. It was an...
  9. jisaacson214

    Taking suggestions for playtime/toys

    So I'm getting a bit frustrated with play time with my 2.5 yr old Oriental Shorthair (OSH) named Grembly. Before getting an OSH, I did plenty of research and was well aware this breed needs plenty of attention, exercise, and playtime featuring different toy options. So, yeah.....she wants...
  10. jisaacson214

    Dieting a cat without losing my mind?

    Oh my - you'll have to forgive me, but I laughed the whole time reading this post. I have 2 female Oriental Shorthairs who are both highly intelligent and VERY vocal. This does not bode well for me when I attempt to block access to something they want. I have child locks on nearly every...
  11. jisaacson214

    Constantly meowing at doors and closet doors

    My cat Grembly is obsessed with doors/door frames/door hinges/knobs. She will cry if any doors that are normally open are shut (mainly bathroom), if I pick her up she’ll reach out to touch the door/door hinges & has mastered the art of leaping from the dining room table on to the top of the door...
  12. jisaacson214

    Should I get insurance for my cat?

    I have insurance for both my girls (aged 2 & 3), who are thankfully healthy. I got the insurance because I am also not a big saver & if paying $75 a mth will alleviate some of that anxiety for me, it’s worth it.
  13. jisaacson214

    Question of the day - Thursday 27 Aug

    My talented belly rubber 😊
  14. jisaacson214

    Darting behavior

    I don’t wear shoes around the apartment, only slippers or bare feet so there’s a plus. Your post mentioned paying attention to what the cats do in response to what you do. They tend to get all excited an underfoot when we’re leaving my bedroom & also when I go into the kitchen where their food...
  15. jisaacson214

    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Ember & Grembly
  16. jisaacson214

    The Birthday Thread 2020

    In December 2018, I brought home my sweet Grembly, who was only 4 mths old at the time. Grembly is a pure bred Oriental Shorthair & is the first pure bred cat I’d ever owned. I had fallen in love with the breed a few years prior & completed a ton of research before making the decision to bring...
  17. jisaacson214

    Weird toileting question.

    Hmmm...The last time Grembly was on wet food it gave her diarrhea. Hence the switch to dry only. Maybe not give her the wet every day or only give her a small amount?
  18. jisaacson214

    Weird toileting question.

    Nope no cat grass.
  19. jisaacson214

    Darting behavior

    I have 2 beautiful fur children whom I absolutely adore & who appear to be closely bonded with me. Ember is 3 yrs old & Grembly just turned 2. Both are pure bred Oriental Shorthairs. So I’m having a scary issue that I’m hoping to get some advice on. When I get up go into another room in my...