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    When to know whether dental work is needed

    Our vet has suggested for several years that it would be good to schedule a dental exam to see if teeth extractions are needed. They seem to think that is something we should consider but cant tell us until they do it how many teeth will need to be extracted. Our kitty is about 13 years old...
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    claw does not retract, nail bed looks bigger( infected or debris?)

    hi everyone, our vet is off right now and their office just had covid scare, so after emailing and not getting much reassurance, i turn to you. our cat has one back claw that was very long and does not seem to retract. arguably i waited a bit longer than usual to trim their claw but all others...
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    Cat with possible allergies (bites, scracthes, overgrooming), need help picking new food

    Hello, We just moved back to the US from Europe and feel that I can finally try something different for our cat Cassis. Cassis has been overgrooming for a few years now, she is pretty much hairless on the underside of her underbelly as well as parts of her legs.  She bites herself. She also...
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    Need advice on cat food issue

    Hi, We are having some issue with our kitties and I wanted to see if anyone had some advice. I am planning to see the vet soon but I am also worried he might want to sell me their prescription cat food, and want to hear other's opinion too. We have 2 kitties, same litter, one male, one female...