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  1. pringandpan

    One year old cat refuse to eat wet food

    I have a one year old female (spayed) cat. She used to love eating wet food growing up as a kitten. A few months ago, I noticed she was not finishing her meal of wet food. I brought her to the vet and tests came back normal. They gave her Mirtazapine to stimulate her appetite. It worked for a...
  2. pringandpan

    My cat ate face mask string twice

    My cat ate face mask string twice. First, it was during nighttime. I woke up and notice my face mask lying on the floor. She chewed about 2 inches. I observed that she was acting normal after a day or two. Then, on another day, I woke up again with a surgical mask with missing string about 2.5...
  3. pringandpan

    Black Stool After Diet Change

    My kitten is almost 4 months old. He had a bloated andomen despite multiple deworming. The vet said it is caused by flatulence. So he prescribed gastrointestinal wet food for cats (not specific for kittens). I gave a can to my kitten in the morning. During noon, his stool is soft (almost liquid)...
  4. pringandpan

    Is this seroma? Post-spay incision lump/bulge

    I have a 16-week old kitten who was spayed 3 days ago. The incision is intact, no visible bleeding, no pus. The kitten is active, eating well, urinating, and pooping. However, this morning, I noticed a very soft lump above her incision near her abdomen. It is very soft and the shape varies as...
  5. pringandpan

    Can intestinal worms cause fluid in the abdomen

    Hello there! I recently adopted a rescued kitten about 12 weeks old now. He had a very big pot belly. The rescuer dewormed him three times but the belly stays the same. My vet dewormed him seven times now. On many occasions, we find large white worms in this stool. My vet did an ultrasound and...
  6. pringandpan

    Keeping Cats in One Room

    Hello! Two months ago, I rescued an 8-week old kitten in front of our house. She was very afraid and hungry. After a few weeks of socializing, she became a sweet playful kitten. I already had her checked by the vet—dewormed and vaccinated. I play with her everyday. But I noticed she gets sad...