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  1. Mango*#*

    Chatty Kitty

    Our Mango isn’t always chatty but when she wants something she can be. Does she get what she wants here? Well hint my wife was talking with her.. What does your cat chat about?
  2. Mango*#*

    Mango shows off her goalie skills

    On this particular day Mango was at her best with the old familiar game. We knew cats have skilled paws but the head moves are so interesting. She’s really into it. 😀
  3. Mango*#*

    Mango spooked by something but focused

    Our little precious doesn’t quite know what she sees and has to make a decision. She’s still rather timid outside but getting better…and this is a very controlled environment. How do your house cat(s) react to unknowns outside? Bravery or Scaredy?
  4. Mango*#*

    The obligatory “exercise” video

    This is dedicated to my dad. He loved all animals and he didn’t get to meet Mango. He really would have enjoyed watching her in person and from video. Mango does her best workout here and then rests. I guess they all have that uncontrollable need to chase the dot.
  5. Mango*#*

    Mango and black dog reunion

    Gave them more time and she warmed up a little. She would tolerate to a point but didn’t but stick around too long. The dog is very friendly. I guess it depends on the cat and their personality.
  6. Mango*#*

    Mango carefully considers her next hiding place

    Well she never ceases to amaze us with the ingenuity. Didn’t take her long to find a new spot. Finding them is sometimes a real challenge. I assume everyone has had to look and look for their kitty at some time.
  7. Mango*#*

    We let Mango explore outside

    She’s a house cat and is overwhelmed outside by the sights and sounds. I can’t imagine with their senses how stimulating that must be. We take it for granted sometimes and this makes me appreciate it more.
  8. Mango*#*

    Something about the bowl

    Anyone believe they know what Mango is thinking here? One or two things come to mind for us but we’re not experts, yet. 😀
  9. Mango*#*

    Mango our baby

    Our new one and new member. I’m a cat grandparent since she belongs to our grown daughter. Mango likes to hide of course in the tightest spaces. Enjoy.
  10. Mango*#*

    Mango - our Scaredy Cat

    This is our Mango. She doesn’t know what to think about the visitor. 🙀