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  1. denice

    Freeing Myself Of Cats

    That little baby is so cute. My Patches was rejected by mum cat, mum was very young and a first litter. I think in that situation it is common for the mum cat to reject one because they don't have enough milk for all the kittens. I know it is best for them to stay with mum and their...
  2. denice

    Question of the Day Sunday 20 October, 2019

    Five Easy Pieces The diner scene when the waitress said they didn't have side orders of toast. Jack Nicholson ordered a Chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat toast no butter, no mayonnaise and no lettuce. Then and no chicken.
  3. denice

    Question of The Day. Saturday October 19th

    I am usually early, I have spent a lot of time waiting in the car because I have been too early. People who are always late bug me, when someone who normally isn't late is late it doesn't bother. Stuff happens.
  4. denice

    Question of the day - Thursday 17 October

    I like chocolate and I couldn't name just one. I think of one then I think of something else then something else.
  5. denice

    Has anyone who had a cat stop eating ever had it end well?

    Yes I have. I had a cat with IBD and his flares involved anorexia and vomiting. I went through several vets and finally found one that got him diagnosed correctly. At that point he had actually gone into fatty liver so he was on a feeding tube for about a month. He lived for another 8 1/2...
  6. denice

    If You Like Horror Movies, What Are Some Of Them?

    I like them as long as they aren't slasher movies. I liked Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, the Shining and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
  7. denice

    Today is National M&M Day

    I usually prefer the plain ones, occasionally I get a craving for the peanut ones.
  8. denice

    Question of the Day Sunday 13 October, 2019

    Build my dream house and go ahead and retire. I would also set up a fund at the emergency vet clinic and make sure it stays funded. I remember once when I had Patches there an elderly woman had her little dog there. They were helping her apply for Care Credit. That was a number of years ago...
  9. denice

    Ckd - Almost Time To Say Goodbye

    I am so sorry.
  10. denice

    Question of The Day. Saturday October 12th

    Nothing big that would qualify as a natural disaster. I was stationed in Germany in 1978 so I missed the blizzard. I grew up in Kansas but no big tornadoes at least where I grew up. I remember two fairly recent things that were not pleasant. We had an ice storm shortly before Christmas then...
  11. denice

    Those Yearly Blood Check

    My geriatric cat got yearly blood checks and her CKD was caught very early in January of 2018. It is well controlled still with just the prescription wet food and I think that is because it was caught so early. After a month on the food only one number was just a little out of range and her...
  12. denice

    Question of the Day, Friday, October 11

    Alice will hide at first as did Patches. After a few minutes curiosity gets the best of her and she will very cautiously come out. She will stick by me for quite awhile and check out the people that she doesn't know.
  13. denice

    Freeing Myself Of Cats

    Please do keep posting and seek a grief therapist. I think you are stuck in a dark place. We all grieve in different ways and there is no timetable for going through the grief process. I don't think it would be good to make a decision like rehoming your cats while you are in this dark place...
  14. denice

    My Insensitive Aunt

    Quite a few Lutheran churches in this area have Blessings for animals, maybe it is something that started in this area rather then being a formal part of the Lutheran denomination. It is a formal part of the Catholic church, it is tied to the veneration of St Francis of Assisi.
  15. denice

    My Insensitive Aunt

    I won't get into the whole soul thing, that is a higher paygrade then mine. They are however living creatures who deserve compassion, that is not something that can be disputed. The Catholic church has a Saint for animals, St Francis of Assisi. Along with caring for the poor he also cared for...
  16. denice

    Ckd - Almost Time To Say Goodbye

    I hope he can come out of this crisis and get stabilized so you can have more time together. If he does you can give fluids at home. Many here have done it with a kitty that was in a more advanced stage of CKD. The vet can show you how. I have never given fluids but I have given B12 shots...
  17. denice

    Question Of The Day, Friday, October 4

    The one that I go to has pretty sensitive sensors. You have to put what you scan in the bag before scanning the next thing and it will stop and bitch if it thinks something went in the bag that wasn't scanned. I have had that happen to me and I didn't put something in the bag that wasn't...
  18. denice

    Ckd - Almost Time To Say Goodbye

    I am so very sorry. I had to let a cat go that had responded well to treatment for IBD for a number of years and then he was no longer responding. It isn't easy to let go but it is the best for your friend. That was January of 2018 and I still think of him daily but it is no longer raw pain...
  19. denice

    Question Of The Day, Friday, October 4

    The store that I usually go to recently put in the system where you scan each item as you shop. I usually go really early on a Saturday or Sunday morning and it isn't available. They have the stand where you pick up your scanner at the front door and all the scanners are displaying closed...
  20. denice

    Question Of The Day - Thursday 3 October

    I use a purse. If I have anything in a pocket it is just a little change from when I give in and get something out of the vending machine. I rarely do that though, I can't see making a regular habit out of paying two prices for something that I shouldn't be eating or drinking anyway.