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  1. posiepurrs

    Food Dish/bowl Factors

    I use old dinnerplates for the food and stainless steel water bowls. I do wash the plates and bowls daily (in the dishwasher on the sanitary setting. Water bowls are changes morning and evening since the cats and dogs share.
  2. posiepurrs


    I also tend to buy for everyone else. I do treat myself to cut flowers once in awhile during the winter when I can't cut them from the yard. I may just treat myself today - it is rainy, cool, windy and I am slightly grouchy -that may make me less so.
  3. posiepurrs

    Cleaning frustration

    I hesitate to take her because she is very active and it is overwhelming for the cats sometimes. She is almost 7 ( on the 22nd). She doesn’t really play with a lot of toys. She doesn’t nap either( although I NEED a nap when watching her! 🙄😀).
  4. posiepurrs

    Cleaning frustration

    I have been trying to get my bedroom carpet cleaned. First my carpet cleaner died. When I finally got a new one, it rained for a week so I waited. Now we finally have 2 sunny halfway warm days, today and tomorrow. At 7:30 this morning my phone rang. It was my son asking me to baby sit today and...
  5. posiepurrs

    The 2019 Gardening Thread.

    My husband is a little cranky because I brought in all my houseplants since we are getting cold. They seemed to have multiplied this summer. ;) Not only that but the little 4inch pots I bought grew like crazy so now are in 8 inch pots! My little 4" silver dollar eucalyptus is now over 2 foot...
  6. posiepurrs


    I retired last December because my knees couldn't take being on my feet 8 hours a day on concrete floors. The plan then was that my husband. who will be full retirement age in March of 2020 would work until he could take full retirement, then cut back on his hours to part time. Life has a way of...
  7. posiepurrs

    The 2019 Gardening Thread.

    Pineapple sage Rubeckia Ornamental grass This thing is HUGE! Sedum Hanging basket of Fuchsia
  8. posiepurrs

    The 2019 Gardening Thread.

    I am so sad the growing season is ending. I put my vegetable garden to bed Sunday. Well most of it - the tomatoes have survived our frost and still have fruit on them as do my jalapeno peppers. They will be pulled soon. I took the opportunity to ex[and the garden, made it twice the size it was...
  9. posiepurrs

    Sons Pct Hike News

    Nate ended his hike about 250 miles short of his goal. He decided to call it quits when he and the other hikers with him were caught on a ridgetop (10000 feet elevation) by a snow storm with hurricane force winds. He and the 2 hikers he was with decided to try to get over the ridge before the...
  10. posiepurrs

    Dream House Upgrades!

    How did I miss this post? This is something my hubby and I talk about a lot! Finish (finally) the downstairs renovation, including hardwood flooring throughout. Add a heated greenhouse to yard Hire someone to remove the bittersweet that has invaded my juniper bed. I would completely renovate...
  11. posiepurrs

    Share Your Indoor Plant Pictures

    The only plants I have inside now are my orchids, which just look so-so (I keep forgetting to fertilize them). I will be moving the rest of my houseplants back inside Friday since it is going to drop into the 30s. I am not looking forward to trying to figure out where to put everything since I...
  12. posiepurrs


    Does anyone blog or vlog on here? I am considering starting a blog but am totally a newbie! I am not even sure as to subject matter yet - pets, gardening or cooking. Any tips????
  13. posiepurrs

    Question For Breeders Re: Registration Naming

    Heaven forbid but something to consider - a cat is considered property so if your husband and you split in the future if his name is on her registration that may be taken into consideration in the property split. A friend of mine is going through this now.
  14. posiepurrs

    Rough Vet Visit And Stressed Out Cat

    YES SAY SOMETHING!!! I would have hit the roof if that happened with my cat, no matter how polite they are to me. You never pick up a cat by the scruff without supporting the rear. We are our cats spokesperson. In my experience, my vet office allows me to take the cat out of the carrier. I do...
  15. posiepurrs

    What Are Some Of Your " Must Have " Cleaning Products?

    Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are 2 of my go tos. Peroxide I use when cleaning my carpets, doing laundry (instead of bleach) on my countertops and so forth.
  16. posiepurrs

    Clicking Sound When Enzo Walks (nails Are Clipped)

    Did you check for something entangled in the hairs on the bottom of his paws - maybe between the pads? Having longhaired cats I can tell you if they are clumsy and step in poop in the litter box, it gets between the pads. If it went unnoticed I suppose it could cause the clicking.
  17. posiepurrs

    Kitty Diagnosed With Vestibular Disease

    All the medications that Maggie got on an on going basis was antibiotics. I don’t recall her throwing up when she finished them. To this day she still has a head tilt and that is completely normal.
  18. posiepurrs

    Lasix For Pulmonary Cancer?

    The only time I have used Lasix was with a cat with congestive heart failure - with the vets supervision. Last year I lost a cat to lung cancer, but she was given steroids as palliative care. We opted not to do chemo because her type of cancer was not very responsive to it. I am so sorry about...
  19. posiepurrs


    I am afraid it is a moot point now. He will NOT eat anything and hasn't for a week. She has been force feeding him with a syringe. I tend to think it is lymphoma rather than IBD because nothing they have tried has worked. She has called an in home vet to euthanize him today. Her vet agrees that...
  20. posiepurrs


    My daughter is saying goodby to Suede tomorrow. Today the vet told her that anything more would not help. She is having a vet come to the house. I am driving into Boston so she doesn’t have to go through this by herself.