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  1. Ajames1028

    Best Bowl For Flat Face?

    My new persian has a very flat face and a VERY hard time eating from a regular bowl. I’ve also tried a saucer and a “whisker relief” bowl. These made it worse. He pretty much can only eat if the food is piled up in a bowl so that he can from the food on top. I ordered a slanted bowl so that’s on...
  2. Ajames1028

    New Family Member!

    Today we welcome our newest member of the family, Poochie! Our current cat, Feeferson, is very unhappy about his arrival, but we’re taking it slowly. Following all Jackson Galaxy’s rules about introducing cats!
  3. Ajames1028

    Thanksgiving Surprise!

    Happy Thanksgiving from this sweet baby who was just thrown in a parking lot in a box! He is now my Mother-in-Law’s very spoiled darling! We named him Zeke.
  4. Ajames1028

    Cone Of Shame :(

    I just got home from the vet with my poor kitty. He is having some skin issues and has to wear the cone of shame. He’s just bumbling around running into everything, and it is breaking my heart! I’m worried it hurts him when he runs into things! He has to wear it for a few days. When he used the...
  5. Ajames1028

    Medium Haired?

    I have always wanted a long haired fluffy white kitty since I was a little girl! I thought maybe this little fella was it, but I'm thinking he is probably going to be short haired. Do you think there's any chance he could at least be medium haired? Of course I am already in love with him either...