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  1. Neo_23

    Let Me Out!

    You should take her to a local shelter ASAP to have her scanned for a microchip. She could have an owner who is worried sick. It’s the right thing to do.
  2. Neo_23

    Egg Free And Corn Free Kibble?

    Not really 'kibble' but Ziwipeak air dried.
  3. Neo_23

    Cat Tries To Drink Water But After Sip, Stops

    Maybe call your normal vet as soon as they are open on Monday and tell them the situation.
  4. Neo_23

    I Might Have Made A Mistake Adopting

    I actually find the academic lifestyle to be well-suited to having cats. It is definitely busy but there's a lot of independence in setting your own schedule. I don't have to be at a 9-5 job every day where I don't see my cat for 8 hours. I work from home a lot so I keep my girl company and she...
  5. Neo_23

    Anyone Know Any Good Cat Documentary Or Videos/shows?

    There is a really interesting documentary on youtube about cat hoarders. I think if you search cat ladies or cat hoarders you should find it. It's not so much about cats but about the cat ladies - kind of depressing too, but I find it interesting.
  6. Neo_23

    Please Help: My Kitten Is Depressed, What Should I Do?

    I would still get him checked out. Are his ears hot?
  7. Neo_23

    Please Help: My Kitten Is Depressed, What Should I Do?

    Take him to the vet. Lethargy is a common sign of illness, not depression. Is he eating and drinking?
  8. Neo_23

    By Products In Wet Food

    Depends on what the by-products are. They could be nutritious parts of an animal or unwanted and diseased parts. The problem is that cat food companies don't distinguish between these two.
  9. Neo_23

    For Those Of You Figuring Carbs

    Dr. Pierson's values are based on percentage of total calories. So you have to take the protein/fat/carb calories per 100g and divide by the total calories per 100g. For the carbs it would be 5/58 = ~9%. The chart probably has different values because it has not been updated for a year and...
  10. Neo_23

    Best Wet Food For Urine Problems

    The key is water so really any wet food is good. I would just keep him on an all wet diet from here on out. You can rotate proteins and brands to give variety, but all wet is the most important thing.
  11. Neo_23

    How Do You Trick Your Cat/s Into Liking A Toy/bed They're Ignoring?

    Whenever I buy a new toy I always keep the receipt and show it to my girl before opening the packaging. I can usually tell when she smells it how excited she’s going to be about it. If she sniffs and walks away I take it right back and return it. I know that’s probably not helpful for the stuff...
  12. Neo_23

    Cat Tries To Drink Water But After Sip, Stops

    Have you done the burrito towel method before? It's really handy once you get a hang of it. But I know some cats are just too smart and nimble sometimes. Having a second person will really help.
  13. Neo_23

    So What Exactly Is Wrong With Vegan Cat Food?

    No, I don't believe that humans are necessarily meant to eat meat. I have no problem with people choosing to be vegans or vegetarians for themselves, but I personally do not choose that. This is a separate issue from trying to convert an obligate carnivore into a vegan. You can make a choice...
  14. Neo_23

    Cat Tries To Drink Water But After Sip, Stops

    Would it be possible to syringe some water or watered down pate wet food into her mouth if you had someone hold her or if you wrapped her in a towel?
  15. Neo_23

    Cat Tries To Drink Water But After Sip, Stops

    I'm so sorry to hear this. I really hope the antibiotics work and she gets better. I went through something similar with my kitten and I know how stressful it can be. Please do continue to keep us updated.
  16. Neo_23

    Nikita's Affection Issue...

    I don't think Nikita has an affection issue. Cats will be affectionate when they choose to be. You can't make them be affectionate to you. Some like cuddles and being pet, others don't. Some prefer some kinds of people over others. Just like humans.
  17. Neo_23

    Wet Food For Pregnant Cat

    This is from Weruva's website: Weruva - People Food for Pets - Tid Bits
  18. Neo_23

    Budget Adult Food For The Future?

    Most of the foods @Furballsmom listed won't be in Petsmart but will likely be in small independent pet shops.
  19. Neo_23

    Wet Food For Pregnant Cat

    I don't think so. You can always look up the guidelines on the AAFCO website. If she likes cats in the kitchen, the chicken-frick-a-zee and fowl ball ones don't have fish in them and the chicken one is very high in protein for a commercial wet food (they might have fish oil - but that's not so...
  20. Neo_23

    Budget Adult Food For The Future?

    You can feed all life stages food at any age. Kittens don't have to eat 'kitten' labelled food. For quality foods - check out independent pet stores around you, they tend to carry better brands than big box stores. Royal Canin I would say is one of the poorer quality brands. Look for foods that...