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  1. aprilyim

    Hoping for a quick recovery for Sasha Yim

    Sasha got spayed today. She hates the cone but has to wear it for the next two weeks. :) The first thing Simba did when she got home was to lick her forehead. 
  2. aprilyim

    US Kitten & Cat Registry???

    Hello everyone! As some of you know, I've unexpectedly become the owner of a second cat. (http://www.thecatsite.com/t/258079/introducing-sasha-yim#post_3350443) Last night, Sasha's previous owner dropped off some paperwork that seems to indicate that she is registered and a purebred Siamese...
  3. aprilyim

    Introducing: Sasha Yim

    My mom's work friend recently moved and couldn't take her cat so she's our new family member. Right now, she is confined to my bedroom but our cat, Simba, is so curious to see what is behind the door. I hope that they will become friends soon! :) Until then, we'll take it slow, one day at a time.
  4. aprilyim

    Simba Yim in sunlight

    How is everyone?  Simba had his annual shots and wellness exam last week and was given a clean bill of health.     Hope you are enjoying the Spring weather!
  5. aprilyim

    Cat Café in Seoul, Korea

    I've been away traveling! But I've missed you guys and of course missed Simba Yim. I couldn't resist entering this cat café! They have good rules for visitors and it was very clean inside. They had a walkway so the cats could walk along the walls and never touch the ground if they wished, lots...
  6. aprilyim

    Simba Yim's tricks in first person

    I've received some requests to post videos of Simba doing tricks - in first person view. I apologize for my voice sounding terribly annoying but I got results, so hey. Working on more complex tricks at the moment. Stay tuned!
  7. aprilyim

    Simba Yim enjoying the great outdoors

    Enjoying a wonderful day! Modeling by the doorway~ Alerted by a passing bus! Truly my mom's third child! My family adopted Simba in January from a shelter. They found him abandoned in a box in DECEMBER! When the weather became warm, I started taking him on small excursions outside...
  8. aprilyim

    Silly Simba Yim

    8/8/11 - This is the reason I'm sitting on my bed to use my computer... 8/8/11 - He looks a bit too smug... 8/9/11 - "I've been extremely disappointed in your performance lately..." 8/12/11 - My mom and I brushed his fur outside today. The resulting fluff makes a great toupee. 8/12/11 -...
  9. aprilyim

    USA Pet Insurance Give Away

    Cesar Milan's website is hosting an event to give a year's worth of pet insurance! http://www.cesarsway.com/10-A-Day-Pe...ance-Give-Away I went through the official rules (here) and you can enter as long as are 18 years and older, you own a cat or dog, and you are located in the US.
  10. aprilyim

    Hilarious cat video

    I don't quite know what is going on. This cat is having a meltdown/singing/hiccuping?! I watched this video like 10 times today already and I'm still crying and laughing at the same time. (I'm not worried for it's welfare or thinking it was being hurt because it calms down at the end as if...
  11. aprilyim

    Simba Yim's Salon

    Simba Yim has a daily appointment with my Mom. He's gotten a lot taller since we first adopted him! He almost spills out of her lap now! I can't tell who enjoys it more...
  12. aprilyim

    Simba Yim's sill

    So I finally cleaned my room and sorted through the college luggage. Guess who benefits the most from my efforts? By the way, it was 104°F (40°C) today, a perfect day to stay inside.
  13. aprilyim

    Simba Yim's Tricks 2.0 - Video

    Ladies and Gentleman, I now give you the talented, smart, anddddd patient... *drum roll* SIMBA YIM High Ten for Natalie_ca Hooray!
  14. aprilyim

    Videos of a baby and cat's friendship

    This user has a lot of short videos of their red tabby cat and baby interacting. Here are a few cute ones below. I love how this cat is so gentle with the baby no matter what. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYLj3...layer_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YuAN...layer_embedded...
  15. aprilyim

    Drinkwell Fountain

    Did it take some time for your cat to start using and enjoy the Drinkwell Fountain? I just purchased one for Simba and he seems hesitant to use it (today is the second day.) I did see him drinking from it but I thought this fountain would encourage him to drink more water?
  16. aprilyim

    Blue Buffalo Coupon

    http://bluebuffalo.com/cat-food-comparison/true-blue-test Here is a link to a $3.00 off any Blue Buffalo food coupon! (They will send it to your address instead of just an online coupon...) They want you to enter some information to compare other food brands first though.
  17. aprilyim

    What would your cat say?

    Sometimes I wish I could be fluent in cat. Looking at this picture I took yesterday I can't help but think that he would have lots of intelligent things to say if only I could understand him. Some things are easy enough to translate, like when he wants to play, or when he wants to remind me...
  18. aprilyim

    Video Games for Cats

    Personally, I wouldn't want kitty nails near my tablet. "The Friskies label of products has proudly launched iPad and Android games specifically made for cats and their sensory needs. The three games: "Cat Fishing," "Tasty Treasures Hunt," and "Party Mix-Up", have virtual swimming fish and...
  19. aprilyim

    Simba Yim's Tricks - Video

    Simba Yim does his tricks for the camera. What should we teach him next?
  20. aprilyim

    Simba Yim is a pillow

    Simba Yim in all of his lazy, relaxed glory.