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    Need some help with my Mama Cat and her Kittens

    Hi Marjorie, There could be a number of things going on here. I just don't have enough information to speculate. I believe a trip to the vet is in order here for a couple of reasons: to get the little girl checked out and to get mom spayed. I know vet care is not inexpensive. If this is a...
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    Premature Kitten Care.

    You have done an admirable job. The kittens are adorable. BTW-Sometime we conk out in Texas. Dusty
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    Premature Kitten Care.

    It's called a Comfort Pup(TM) by the same company who makes Doggles, the doggie goggles. They're not even on the market yet. She said they would send me a sample after the American Pet Products Manufacturer Association trade show next month. I'll keep you posted. It also has a pocket for a...
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    Premature Kitten Care.

    You're right; they do sound like preemies. I had one litter of three. Animal control got them to me right away, but I couldn't save them. They just weren't done. Sounds like your guys are very fortunate to have you. SnuggleKitties are wonderful, aren't they. I found a brand new product--it's...
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    Premature Kitten Care.

    Hi Kumbulu, You certainly have your hands full. I think what you have there are actually neonatal rather than preemies. I've had litters that were probably just a few hours older than your guys. They were covered in cow poop and still had the umblical cords and placenta attached. Believe it...
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    Thank so much

    I wanted everyone to know what a great time I've had talking to you. I certainly learned a lot from y'all. It's my hope that you've taken something helpful away from the this discussion, too. You're really a thoughtful bunch. I know your kittens will do well. Kitten season is almost upon...
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    First Vaccinations

    You said mom belonged to irresponsible people. If she hasn't been fixed she may not have her shots. An uninnoculated cat may not have immunity to pass on.
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    First Vaccinations

    You were right under most conditions. The first milk a kitten receives after birth contains colostrum and itâ€8482s rich in antibodies that protect the kitten until heâ€8482s about seven or eight weeks. If he gets his shots at six weeks, momâ€8482s immunity can interfere with the vaccine...
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    I'm exhausted just reading your note! A few years ago we had 14 kittens at once. (Last year we had 12.) Like your gang, they came from three or four different litters. I believe two of them were being weaned while the other nine were being bottle fed. But you know how much work that weaning...
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    kittens and URI

    Sadly, we have to teach each other because the vets just don't know anything about these kittens. I spoke with a friend of mine last night and she said post natal kitten were never even mentioned in vet school.
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    Kittens at play

    I've had the same problem. As cute as they are, you just have to put them up. With two it's even harder. If you won't play--well, Bubba will.
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    Kittens at play

    I play with them real hard right before I go to bed. They usually crash immediately. If they wake me up, they go in the bathroom. I don't play with them in the bed.
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    kittens and URI

    Last year I had a mom cat with a litter of two-week old cuties. She caught a terrible URI. The vet (not my personal vet) prescribed Clavamox (a good thing) and told me that I needed to bottle feed a litter of five kittens (a stupid thing) because the Clavamox would be detrimental to them. I...
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    kittens and URI

    I don't know if it's actually "stronger", but I do think some bugs respond better to Clavamox. My vets usually prescribe it for bites and oral infections. But I believe amoxicillin may be over prescribed, thus becoming less effective. Has anyone else had this experience?
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    kittens and URI

    Poor little things. A couple of years ago I had the cutest little Meezer mix (truth is, I still do *g*). This little guy had the worst URI I have ever seen in a kitten who survived. The vet gave him Amoxicillin, which did no good. I went ahead and put him on Clavamox. Give just one drop if...
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    Your opinion on wild babies

    This is another tough call. I think it depends on the situation. A couple of years ago animal control asked me to take a mom cat. She wasn't a nice cat, probably feral. I declined because she had ringworm and there was no way to treat her. Since the RW was just on her back, they asked me to...
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    Age to Adopt?

    I liked the way you phrased that--in a perfect world. I've listened to two different ways of thinking about it. Personally, I think eight weeks is acceptable, although I still think they are better adjusted if they stay until 10 or 12 weeks. Just make sure he or she is spayed or neutered...
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    Vet Visit

    I'd take 'em as soon as I get them. If they're three weeks old, then they probably need to be wormed. The vet can examine them (him) and let you know if he needs any special care. He can also give him something for fleas and subcutaneous fluids if he's dehydrated. Weaning time is another high...
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    Dusty I am curious how you handle litter box sitters

    Believe it or not, this hasn't been a problem for me. What do you do?
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    Cleaning the kittens?

    Don't go to the trouble of giving a body bath when a butt bath will do. If you have poopy legs and tail, you can give a bottom bath under running water. Don't forget to use shampoo to wash out all of the ammonia and rinse him well. Butt baths don't take as long, and they're faster to dry. It's...