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  1. dreamraider

    riddle 16

    Paul's height is six feet, he's an assistant at a butcher's shop, and wears size 9 shoes. What does he weigh? This is a quick one :)
  2. dreamraider

    Riddle 15?

    It is a bright winter Morning. A drunk man opens his door and steps out to be sick in the snow. 2 minutes later he is Dead. What happened? Following the rules from threads several years ago- You can ask only yes or no questions to help you solve the riddle. I will answer them. If anyone knows...
  3. dreamraider

    Wondering about itchy ears whlie on Revolution

    I had foster kittens in the house and a month ago (half way through the foster) my guys started itching a fair bit. I washed their bedding- rinsed them without soap- and waited anxiously for the next application of Revolution. (monthly- it was about a week away). I checked them for fleas and...
  4. dreamraider

    percentages of haretoday grinds

    I plan to use the hare today meat/bones/organs mixes for my guys. I read that the bone is too high and you may need to mix some meat in.. but does anyone actually know the specifics? Im looking for the bone percentage in chicken, turkey, duck, rabbit, pork and probably beef. Im assuming it would...
  5. dreamraider

    Diago and MIsty's RAW journey is the day I am 100% sure I am startinf my two on raw. Currently they are eating a wet and a raw meal a day, no free feeding. My guys are super picky and didn't like any real meats...cooked or raw...that I offered them. Even cat food is hard to find for them. Today though I gave them a...
  6. dreamraider

    Portioning ground raw

    Havent started raw yet but want to plan EVERYTHING out because im just a wee bit crazy. :) I was planning on using ice cube trays to portion my raw ground after I mix it with the supplement (hare-today) and then putting it into either jars with screw on lids (one per cat per day- like I read...
  7. dreamraider

    Feeding percentages and water

    I know the percentages vary on what to feed with raw.. 2% or 3% seaming to be common and it sais you should watch their weight etc and tweak it until its right for the individual cat. that's fine. But what about water? Im going to be doing Hare today ground with alnutrin, fish oil, and water...
  8. dreamraider

    Blood work results

    So I have a post of a cat that wasn't eating.. I had her blood work done and these were the results. I, and this website, don't think much to any of my vets so I thought I would post it here incase anyone has any observations. He said it was normal(the vet). Also is any of this information I...
  9. dreamraider

    Misty and Diago cuddling

    Some of you know misty hasn't been feeling well lately. Well she is doing much better and today I cault them cuddling and grooming each other. :) .. Will post the video too if I can
  10. dreamraider

    The Itchy and Scratchy Show (Itchy cats but not fleas)

    The reference is from the simpsons :) Okay so Diago and misty have been itchy since about the 8 or 9th of august I believe. They started off just itching and then licking a spot once in a while.. I had noticed it because they normally never scratch. But I thought nothing of it.. we all get...
  11. dreamraider

    New 'raw plan' sound ok?

    I have been dealing with one of my cats not eating lately so my plan to switch to raw has been put on hold. Today I decided to get back into my research and decided to look at the hare today website. I have not looked at it before because I am in Canada and didn't wanna look at something I cant...
  12. dreamraider

    Worried about her..

    My misty(1 year 4 month spayed female) I have been concerned about for some time- and infact I think I have a couple posts here. But the vet cleared her.. I started a few months ago, she became louder (speaking a lot when she never used to)..she was once the most active of my two and she became...
  13. dreamraider

    almost 7 week foster kittens think im Mama?

    My 6 foster kittens are 7 weeks old.. ive never had kittens this young before and never fostered before. They all seam to adore me and climb up to me and cry if I put them down (they don't do this with other people). if I sit in the room they all squeeze onto my lap to sleep.. three of them try...
  14. dreamraider

    6 week old kittens!

    My new(and first) Foster Kittens- They are 6 weeks old. Garfield - He is the lighter fluffier of the two Orange tabbys Kalona - He is the all black Male Zelda- The thinner feisty Tabby male Link Neferet(The grey tabby female), Either Garfield or Link (the fatter of the two Orange...
  15. dreamraider

    foster kittens and litter training

    I have the 6 kittens who are 6 weeks old in a 10 by 10 room with just a desk and a cuboard in it. They have a blanky and scratch post, a big box and their food water. I have two litter boxes set up just the clay litter provided for them in one corner. They use it for both and activelu seek it...
  16. dreamraider

    I am SO excited to be a foster!

    I have finally come up on the list and have been offered a litter of kittens from a outside feral mom who will be captured next week! I am so excited, lots of work I know, but it will be my first foster and I am excited to help out. They are 6 weeks old and I don't know how many yet. I will have...
  17. dreamraider

    I'm going to be a foster mommy to feral kittens!

    So I am so so excited! I always wanted to help out a shelter but I don't have the money to donate or the time to work volunteer shifts- I applied for fostering and I just got an email this morning!! They have a litter (don't know how many kittens yet) that will need a foster home next week, she...
  18. dreamraider

    Secret santa

    I was looking back at passed SS for each year and it looks like sometime during aug the signups usually start.. Im just curious as I am interested and have never been part of one before :P
  19. dreamraider

    Watery eyes

    The other day I noticed Diago, for the first time, had a large tear under each eye.. I wiped them away easily. it was just clear tears not gunky. Same thing just happened and he has wet marks there as if they have been running. I also know that one cat has normal not smelly poop and one has...
  20. dreamraider

    Movie crew used our property..!

    I brought this up in another thread but I decided to move it to where it belongs better. Last year a movie company stopped by my place of work, my parents gas station and lumber/ building supply yard and wanted to use the gas station to film a movie. Split decision. They paid us and shut us...