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  1. opithecat

    Rubbing paw on the wall??

    Why does my little guy rub his right paw on the wall every time he’s done using the litter box ? cleaning his paws from litter?
  2. opithecat

    “how much is that kitty in the window?”

    Share your cats purrfect sun bathing photo!!!:sunshine::creampersian:
  3. opithecat

    Meet Opi

    Hello, I just joined this morning and very excited to learn so much more about felines and also share some stuff on my little guy. This is Opi. :creampersian: He is currently 2 years and 5 months. He is a very playful little guy. He is a Exotic ShortHair (Persian/American Shorthair) He...
  4. opithecat

    why does my cat like to shower with me?

    Is just me or does everyones kitty hop in the shower with them. My cat opi is a 2 year old exotic shorthair and he always finds is way into the bathroom and sits on the bathtub ledge in between the clear piece of the shower curtain and the cloth piece of the curtain so cute. just wondering why...