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  1. Leausername

    She was a pregnant feral

    Here she is now on my lap
  2. Leausername

    Kitty butt in your face.

    The not so “cute” moments of cuddling. (But still so worth it)
  3. Leausername

    My 5th is gone

    I lost my Benny on October11th. I know it’s good that I don’t cry every night now, but I feel terrible that I’m starting to feel okay again. I feel guilty and I’m worried that I’m forgetting him. I don’t want to forget anything about him but I know I already have. I don’t have the panic that I...
  4. Leausername

    Nervous. Need advice.

    I just brought in a feral, deaf cat that I had previously TNR'd. I have 5 other indoor cats. They're pretty jealous for my attention as it is. As of now, I have her closed away in my daughter's room. She's happy to see me when I come in the room, but is very nervous still. I can pet her and...