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  1. Bubblesmom2014

    7 week old kitten not eating soft food yet

    Can anyone give me ideas about how to get my new kitten Sunshine to eat soft food. She’s still nursing from the momma cat. I have a vet appointment next Tuesday.
  2. Bubblesmom2014

    New kitten

    Well here is an updated picture of Miss Sunshine! Look at her sitting pretty! Not really sure what she is doing here lol
  3. Bubblesmom2014

    Kitten food.

    It’s been a long time since I have had a kitten in my house. Any suggestions on what kind of food to feed her. She’s going to be 9 or 10 weeks old when I bring her home
  4. Bubblesmom2014

    Cat carrier preferred?

    I have another cat and she’s really a fatty! When I took her to the vet they weighed her. She weighs 14.2 pounds and barely fits in the cat carrier I currently have. What do you as cat owners prefer for transportation for kitty to the vet, traveling or what ever. Advice accepted.
  5. Bubblesmom2014

    My dog Sadie.

    Ok I have been doweling on the rescue of my beloved kitty for almost 6 weeks now. But now it’s time to show off my doggy! She’s part blue heeled and part border collie. This was before she had a grooming session and was de-shedded! This dog sheds like crazy! She will be getting a regular bath...
  6. Bubblesmom2014

    Cat dandruff.

    Besides bubbles being displaced at the moment, I have another cat that has dandruff. Does anyone have a product that really works and doesn’t cost a small fortune
  7. Bubblesmom2014

    Cat loose

    Hello I'm Bubblesmom and I need some help. My grandson let my indoor cat out two weeks ago. I have tried everything I know to find out where she is hiding. Would any of you have good idea's on how to catch her or get her to be attracted to a live trap? I have 11 camera's on my property along...