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  1. Ellis75

    Breed of this cat?

    Agreed she looks like a blue domestic shorthair.
  2. Ellis75

    Eco Friendly Cat Litter Reviews

    Hi all! I know there have been a few threads on this topic before but I wanted to see if anyone has any updated thoughts on eco friendly cat litter brands. I've tried a few so far and haven't yet found one that works really well for my cats and me. I wanted to start a thread of eco friendly cat...
  3. Ellis75

    I need advice

    Oh I'm so glad!!! Congratulations and good luck with the recovery! I'm sure she'll feel better in no time.
  4. Ellis75

    Male or female??

    Agreed, boy! Tabbies can have weird coloring and patches that can be a little deceiving, which may have confused the person who said girl.
  5. Ellis75

    I need advice

    If the spay appointment is in two days, there will definitely not be any fetuses present yet, it takes longer for them to really develop and even longer to be visible on ultrasound. I would bring her in and try to go ahead with the spay if the vet will do it.
  6. Ellis75

    Too much protein-according to vet

    High protein usually isn't harmful unless your cats have kidney disease. Honestly though I'm not a fan of Blue Buffalo, they have a long history of lawsuits, being caught lying about ingredients, and just seem to have a major lack of quality control.
  7. Ellis75

    1 or 2

    Oh, that's bigger than I was thinking for a tiny house; my apartment is about 800 sq ft and my two cats seem happy with that space. I do think that it's still worth considering getting an adult cat instead of a kitten. Kittens tend to take up much more time than you think, and they'll often...
  8. Ellis75

    How did your cats' dynamic change when adding a third cat?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for experience/advice about adding another cat to the household. I currently have two cats: Pim, a ~3 year old neutered male, and Sarabi, a ~1.5 year old spayed female. Both are tripods, both missing their right hind leg. I've had Pim for about a year and a half, and...
  9. Ellis75

    1 or 2

    I had the same thought as ArtNJ. It's always better to get two kittens than one, but I don't know that a tiny home would even be big enough for one kitten. Kittens are rambunctious and need plenty of room to play. Do you know what the dimensions of your home will be? Is there maybe room to build...
  10. Ellis75

    Brother and sister mating

    I agree with others that spaying her now is absolutely the kindest thing to do. Aside from the incest, cats giving birth that young greatly increases the risk that the mother and/or the babies will die in the process. There is also a high chance of deformities in the kittens. I have an inbred...
  11. Ellis75

    Questions about 6-7 week old kitten

    Has she been seen by a vet yet? There are a lot of reasons she could be vomiting and she should get checked out if she hasn't yet. I assume her mama isn't around, did you find the kitten? Do you know how much you're feeding her in total? It's usually best to leave dry food out all the time and...
  12. Ellis75

    Cat running around and panting heavily?

    I agree, he's way too hot. A panting cat is always a bad sign, and when it's caused by heat it can quickly turn into a cat with heat stroke. He really needs to be cooled down quickly. Please try to convince your dad to turn on the AC, or at least get some fans running. If you get him cooled down...
  13. Ellis75

    CONTEST: May Picture of the Month: Camouflage Kitties

    White and gold Pimento matches my bed sheets exactly--especially when the sunlight hits!
  14. Ellis75

    Am I keeping the kitten room too hot?

    It sounds like he should really see a vet; is there a humane society, shelter, or rescue around who might be able to take him in or provide funding?
  15. Ellis75

    Cat Space

    Is there a reason you want to keep them in one room? That's a very small space for that many cats, especially considering how much of that space the litter boxes would take up. How much space do they have now?
  16. Ellis75

    How much should kittens be eating??

    I would also put out some dry food for them, like others said. It's cheaper and helps fill them up if they're not full from their wet food. At their ages, you could leave it out to free feed probably at least until the youngest reaches a year or so. There's of course a lot of debate about dry...
  17. Ellis75

    My cat might be pregnant!

    I would spay them ASAP. Like others said, you don't known yet if either of them is pregnant; waiting to see if they are will only make it more likely that they'll get out and risk pregnancy again. Pregnancy and raising kittens is also really hard on a cat's body; the kindest thing you can do for...
  18. Ellis75

    Is this a boy or a girl pleass help

    How old is the kitten? Definitely looks to me like a little boy whose testicles haven't dropped.
  19. Ellis75

    Is this adorable little boy a Bengal?

    The kitten looks like he could be a Bengal, but it will likely become more apparent as he gets older. If you are able to get pictures of the parents, that would also give a better idea. But, like others said, I would be really wary about buying an alleged purebred kitten from breeders who don't...
  20. Ellis75

    Pumpkin's kittens questions

    I don't think it would be a problem to use one or two while they're so young, provided you clean the litter boxes frequently. I think most people with young litters of kittens use one or two litter boxes. Make sure they have fairly low lips so the kittens can get in easily; you could even use...