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  1. Ellis75

    Eco Friendly Cat Litter Reviews

    Hi all! I know there have been a few threads on this topic before but I wanted to see if anyone has any updated thoughts on eco friendly cat litter brands. I've tried a few so far and haven't yet found one that works really well for my cats and me. I wanted to start a thread of eco friendly cat...
  2. Ellis75

    How did your cats' dynamic change when adding a third cat?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for experience/advice about adding another cat to the household. I currently have two cats: Pim, a ~3 year old neutered male, and Sarabi, a ~1.5 year old spayed female. Both are tripods, both missing their right hind leg. I've had Pim for about a year and a half, and...
  3. Ellis75

    Safe hiding spots?

    Hi all! My cat, an approximately two year old male, loves finding small, enclosed hiding spots. I don't have an issue with that, of course, but a couple of his favorite spots are in questionable areas. A while ago, he became obsessed with a corner of the kitchen that's under the cabinets...
  4. Ellis75

    Resident cat playing too hard with kitten?

    Hi everyone! I have a ~2 year old neutered male Siamese mix who has been the love of my life for the past eight months. When I adopted him, the rescue mentioned that he loves other cats (especially kittens) and recommended that I adopt one when I was able to. I moved recently and was finally...