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  1. moonlights mom

    I need a new cell phone!

    I would also recommend the Apple I-phone. I have one and I love it. It has a touch screen (which is much more easy to navigate than those tiny buttons). It has an awesome camera - SUPER clear and easy to use. It also works great as a music phone because its a combined phone/ipod. It comes with...
  2. moonlights mom

    How did your cat(s) get their name(s)?

    I was volunteering at my children's book fair about 7 years ago, and I came across a picture book titled "A Kitten Called Moonlight". Its about a stray white kitten who is found by a mother and a little girl in a lighthouse right along the beach. By that time we already had our Himmie kitten...
  3. moonlights mom


    That is a really long time to be away from a dog. What breed are you looking into? What traits do you want in a dog? Because of your time issue I would NOT recommend a puppy. Puppies need full attention especially when learning how to housebreak, etc. Your best bet would probably be to stop...
  4. moonlights mom

    Thinking of getting a small Dog

    I would recommend a shih-tzu. They are small and sturdy, not very energetic and are said to get along well with cats and other animals. My friend has one and its more like a cat than a dog she says She brought it over to our house and it got to meet Moonlight. Its about 1/3 the size of him, its...
  5. moonlights mom

    Finding a perfect State.

    I live in Northern Illinois in the Chicago suburbs and I love it! Its safe, friendly and the best part is downtown Chicago! Southern Chicago has a very high crime rate but the Northern loop is just beautiful! Its right on the lake with so much to see and do (Navy Pier, John Hancock building...
  6. moonlights mom

    Regarding pure bred cats

    However, I do agree you should maybe check shelters first. We checked shelters for 2 years looking for the right Himmie and had absolutely no luck, so finally we did our research and were able to find a reputable breeder. I do occasionaly see purebreds at our shelter, mainly Siamese and...
  7. moonlights mom

    Do your Cats Have Middle Names?

    Yup, Moonlight's is Paws....I'm not sure why, I just thought it sounded really cute. When he was sick the vet even put it on his prescribtion (sp?) bottle!
  8. moonlights mom

    Lily's kitties are 3 WEEKS--PICS!!

    Omg they're beautiful! Looks like Lily's being a good mama. She's got her paws full!
  9. moonlights mom


    Ew YUCK. Thankfully we don't have those around here. Atleast your cats kill bugs! Moonlight is way too lazy.
  10. moonlights mom

    Question Of The Day - Wednesday, July 23rd!

    Nope, thankfully there are no cat allergies in my house. Hope your friend has a quick and easy recovery!
  11. moonlights mom

    Regarding pure bred cats

    I agree with the first poster, you shouldn't feel guilty. I got Moonlight from a quality Himmie breeder and couldn't be happier. I want to rescue from my local shelter but Moonlight hates other kitties So I'm doing my help by volunteering and socializing the cats there. Best of luck, and you...
  12. moonlights mom

    how to your cats react to your absence?

    Moonlight hates it. When I get back, he'll give me an evil look and then turn his tail on me. He shows me that he's mad but after a day or two he's back to his sweet self.
  13. moonlights mom

    Is my siggie still to big??

    No I think its okay
  14. moonlights mom

    Who's put up their Christmas decorations already?

    Yup Yup Yup! most of them, atleast.
  15. moonlights mom

    Question of the Day - October 9th

    I have severe dust mite allergies so I'm on nasonex. It's a pain in the neck .
  16. moonlights mom

    Birthdays of 10-08-07 ............=)

  17. moonlights mom

    Question of the Day - October 1st

    Happy October, everyone ! My favorite Halloween treat is candy corn for sure ! It's the only time of the year you get to eat it !
  18. moonlights mom

    Happy Birthday katachtig !!!

    Happy Birthday ! Wishing you all the best !
  19. moonlights mom

    The Official White Cat Fan Club!

    WHITE CATS !!! I love white cats !!! Moonlight is a seal point Himalayan so he's no a pure white cat but pretty white to me. Most of you have probably seen these before already, but heres some pics : Moonlight relaxing on the deck, Playing with toys, One that shows of his huge puffy...
  20. moonlights mom

    Nasty headache

    Oh I hate those ! Poor you . =(