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  1. Renne

    Avoiding worm re-infection, how to?

    My kitten started throwing up recently, and a lot, and after taking her to the vet I was told she has worm eggs in her poo. However, the vet wasn't very helpful about my re-infection questions. Maybe I'm missing something... I gave an anti-worm pill to the kitten today, but as far as I...
  2. Renne

    Can I allow my cat to lick my hair?

    My kitten\cat (she is more like a teen right now) really likes to lick my hair whenever she feels like being carressed and gets in the mood. I understand that it's an instinct, cats lick each other, and I sort of 'lick' her by carressing her, too, but I'm worried that she'll eat my hair and have...
  3. Renne

    What to buy a kitten for safe chewing? (not food)

    My kitten really likes dangling ropes and such. I don't want to deprive her of favorite toys, but they really aren't safe. Today she managed to bite off a huge piece of rope somehow, the one that I considered safe. She didn't eat it, but I'm horrified just to imagine that she would... Any...
  4. Renne

    Kitten ate a 1cm button

    4 days have passed, and I've found nothing in her litterbox or excrements. Should I offer her for an abdominal X-ray by now? If yes, then in case nothing is found, should I ask for a gastric X-ray? I've heard that objects can get stuck in the stomach rather than pass into the intestines, but I...
  5. Renne

    Do cats actually clean their ears and how?

    The vet I went to told me with that my kitten's ears will always get dirty fast, because 'she doesn't clean her ears'. But how can cats clean their ears? Some cats do put their paws over their ears while 'washing' their faces, but this way they can only clean them on the outside, not inside. So...
  6. Renne

    Sterilization: health benefits statistics?

    I don't mind my kitten meowing for days, once she's going to start, her voice is very quite. But I've heard that sterilization helps a cat avoid many serious health issues like cancer of breast and womb. Is there reliable statistics of cats with and without sterelization having these diseases...
  7. Renne

    Kitten won't play unless I'm watching

    When I brought the kitten in my mother and I watched her 24\7. She played A LOT. Her normal routine was to play for an hour, get tired and fall asleep. She never played less than for an hour. Once she became used to the litterbox we stopped watching her. And we noticed a significant reduction...
  8. Renne

    In need of similar but new litter (with a picture)!

    My kitten refuses to use any litter but this clumping one. However, there is a problem: after she takes a poo the litter always sticks to, excuse me, her moist butt. I try to pick it out as best I can (but I don't always succeed), and I'm very worried about her developing a local inflammantion...
  9. Renne

    A notification won't go away

    "Your thread What kind of scales you use to weigh a cat too active to sit still? was moved to a different forum. Reason: Moved to more appropriate forum" This notification won't go away.
  10. Renne

    What kind of scales you use to weigh a cat too active to sit still?

    I used small kitchen digital scales for my kitten, but now she's too big. And she won't sit still even if I grab her and put her on scales during sleep. There are many types of scales, which do you use? If you know any tricks for weighing a cat (how to make her still, etc.), please share. I...
  11. Renne

    Cat feeders and the lingering smell of food

    Cat feeders involve a cat taking food out of something, and then it ends up on the floor or carpet. I occasionally play-feed my cat just by rolling her food on the floor. She likes that a lot. However, there's a problem of lingering smell that I imagine commercial cat feeders have, as well. My...
  12. Renne

    Should I go to a vet for procedures like this one or not?

    I know I'm supposed to deworm my kitten before the vaccination and regularly afterwards and I thought I could do that at home. I watched some videos and cats seemed totally fine with the procedure. It's supposed to be easy, just give her some supposedly tasty liquid! But today I did it for the...
  13. Renne

    Unnamed tortoiseshell treasure... my preciousss!

    Techinically I adopted her 3 weeks ago, but I've found this forum just now, so she's a new kitten on the block here :) Let me introduce her now! She is ~2.5 months old, and when she was made a one half of an ordinary cat (father) went into her, and the rest happened to be 1\4 of a British cat...
  14. Renne

    Worried about my kitten eating not enough by far

    The kitten is about 2.5 months old and is 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) of weight, but she eats only 30g (1\4 cup) of her dry food per day. In another place I tried seeking help I was asked if she's gaining weight, and the answer is yes. She's gained 500g (1.1 lbs) in just 2 weeks lately, which is a huge...