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  1. gemlady

    The "Missing TCS Members" Thread

    :wavey: Sorry to go "missing" but there have been changes in my life that affected several sites I used to participate. I'm trying to remember when I last posted, and I think it was about 2010 when I had surgery to removed excess tissue and fluid from my abdomen. I was doing better but then...
  2. gemlady

    Where I've been and what we've been doing... (you know me, this is long ;) Oh - and LOTS of picture

    Is there enough room in the attic for your portrait? ;)
  3. gemlady

    Ice Photos

    Based on the seed pods, this is a Rose of Sharon. Excellent pics. I salute your bravery in going out to get them. :salute:
  4. gemlady

    How is Your Cat a Weirdo?

    At the old homestead, we had mice. Aristotle discovered that if you smack a dead one under the fridge and let it stay there a while it would mummify and that would add to its play value. You never knew when a mummy mouse would go skittering across the floor towards you.
  5. gemlady

    Super Bowl Sunday

    I got chili, tortilla chips, cheese... and plans to watch Downton Abbey. :lol3:
  6. gemlady

    Sierra Kitty 7/27/94-1/15/14

    Sending lots of comforting :hugs: and :rub: from my fuzzybutts. :heart3:
  7. gemlady

    Saturday's Question of the Day: Jan 11

    I know somebody who grew up on Easy Street. (Degonia Springs, Indiana.)
  8. gemlady

    TV Land Game

    Branded Susan Dey
  9. gemlady

    Anyone watching the new season of Downton Abbey?

    Does anybody else think that the cause of Anna's queasy tummy is that she is already pregnant with Bates' child?
  10. gemlady

    You don't know cold until.....

    It's currently 0F here in the lower Ohio RIver Valley, not to mention wind chills. I have all the fuzzy and fleecy throws out and using the oven as much as possible. I am so glad my Grandpa B decided not to stay in South Dakota after teaching there in the 1910s.
  11. gemlady

    2013 Secret Santa received thread!

    I seem to recall a past TCS SS post that indicated there is a place in the USA that sells delicacies from down under. Try your fave search engine.
  12. gemlady

    2013 Secret Santa received thread!

    Yay!!! All the chocolate (and Tim Tams) have been freed! :woohoo: (I tried posting earlier but something wasn't letting me. :smash: )
  13. gemlady

    Unable to post!

    Okay, that worked. :clap: I tried upgrading my IE but was unsuccessful. Thanks for the suggestions, Tricia! :hugs:
  14. gemlady

    Unable to post!

    Here goes, I'm using Chrome, now...
  15. gemlady

    Unable to post!

    I have been getting this message when trying to post in threads- AJAX responsible unable to be parsed a valid JSON object What do I do? What did I do? I only have this problem on this forum.
  16. gemlady

    What is your Mental Age...

    I think I broke it because no number appeared.
  17. gemlady

    2013 Secret Santa received thread!

    :woohoo: Presents being opened!!! :woohoo: Mmmm, pass the the peanut brittle, please! :yummy:
  18. gemlady

    2013 Secret Santa received thread!

  19. gemlady

    Thursdays Question of the Day 12.5.13

    Tonsils, gall bladder, lower leg (to drain infection following accident), and removal of excess tissue from my lower abdomen.
  20. gemlady

    Question of the Day Saturday Nov 30

    At our house it was decreed by my Dad that the paper rolls over the top. When the other way, he kept smacking his knuckles against the wall during night time visits to the porcelain room. I still do it out of habit.