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  1. Docs Mom

    From overeating to anorexia

    She MUST eat something or she will have hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease).... I had a kitty who stopped eating because of a painful mouth. We had her mouth problem resolved, but it took 4 months with an esophageal feeding tube before she ate again on her own. So please take Freya back...
  2. Docs Mom

    COMPETITION: Picture of the Month. December 2021: Cats with boxes or wrapped gifts

    Oliver and Oreo, partners in life and what ever they get into....
  3. Docs Mom

    Involuntary muscle spasms

    That is cute that she trades her toys for your socks !!! She is gorgeous with such beautiful eyes...
  4. Docs Mom

    I no longer want my cat....kind of..

    Have you changed anything about your appearance ? Like shaving a beard off or a hat you don't usually wear ? Perhaps there was something that triggered a memory of a bad experience with her previous owner.... Just a thought, I hope that she continues to improve...
  5. Docs Mom


    We need photos!!! Mine are 5 and a half months. Do yours jump on your back all the time if you lean over? One of their favorite places to play... with their captive audience in the room.
  6. Docs Mom

    Bohemian catsody!

    Just saw it, being a crazy Queen fanatic...I LOVED it!!! Knowing Bohemian Rhapsody by heart, I thought the creator was right on .....
  7. Docs Mom

    Angry Cat

    Hi ! I tie the straws in a knot once. Makes it easier to pick up and play and chew.... The color straws that are heavier plastic last longer. They are very popular with my litter of 4, four month old wild childs..... Good luck with the biting, I'm dealing with that for a couple of weeks now !
  8. Docs Mom

    Any other video loving cats out there?

    I bet he thought "that's the biggest squirrel I've ever seen"!!! Mine like watching too.. This guy from England makes neat bird videos that are 8 hours long! Forget his name though.... Kimba was learning how to paint ...
  9. Docs Mom

    Senior cat wont eat wet looking for dry food information

    Glad that the Miralax worked ! 🙂
  10. Docs Mom

    Senior cat wont eat wet looking for dry food information

    I use hot water to hydrate the freeze dried food. It softens faster that way. Then it is warm to eat. The food itself is not frozen it is dry nuggets. Miralax does work well, just a little in each wet meal. 1/8 of a teaspoon if I remember correctly.. Sometimes they will work so hard at...
  11. Docs Mom

    Senior cat wont eat wet looking for dry food information

    @lomofirefly I actually meant the wild Boar and Apple wet food. I just wish it came in a larger can... Can you get Stella & Chewy's (not related to Chewy's online) ? Chewy's has it though... It is a freeze dried raw, comes in nuggets that you can add water to to soften the food. My seniors...
  12. Docs Mom

    Senior cat wont eat wet looking for dry food information

    My cats loved the Farmina wild Boar and apple... Chicken with pomegranate not so much ! I would to find the venison and quail somewhere ?
  13. Docs Mom

    My new kitten Szaffi

    What a gorgeous pair of copper eyes !!! The rest of her is beautiful too !
  14. Docs Mom

    Cat yawns caught on camera!

    One of the few times that he was standing still ! Sleeping or eating ;)
  15. Docs Mom

    Abandoned Kitten

    I'm so happy that all is well. Junebug has turned into the most attractive young lady ! Thank you for the update... p.s. did you have piles of cicadas ? I found one on our easy chair and thought it was a cockroach 😳 two cats snoring away close by....
  16. Docs Mom

    Figuring out Possible Mix, Considering Mackerel Tabby with Some Bengal.

    He does have glitter in some of the photos....look up Bengals having glitter in their coats.
  17. Docs Mom

    Got a new cat, reputable breeder or byb?

    I am very sorry for your loss of a sweet kitten that you loved so much. You did everything you could for him. :hugs:
  18. Docs Mom

    How to know if cat has undercoat?

    It's also VERY easy to take off too much with the furminator.... found out with my Australian Shepherd. I think it is way too harsh for cats, at least that's what my cats said....:ohwell:
  19. Docs Mom

    Whose cat sleeps like this???

    Does Roxie count ? Most of the time she props her neck on the edge of the box. Looks really uncomfortable, but she likes it. Feeby would have scared the heck out of me too !!!
  20. Docs Mom

    LTCI still available in the U.S.?

    That's interesting that they have changed their focus to canine arthritis. I tried it 11 yrs ago for my Felv kitten, but I think I was too late. Took a long time thru vet, ordering and delivery... I wish you luck ! Start working on it now, I would think your vet could use it as an off label...