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  1. Lauren4883

    Comment by 'Lauren4883' in article 'Rescuing Cats In Saudi Arabia - Lauren's Story'

    Hi sorry I just saw this are you still in saudi? What country are you from? Maybe I can give u some advice on taking them with you, depending on where you are from but there are a few Facebook groups made for helping people bring their pets home to whatever country you are from which has lots on...
  2. Lauren4883

    Lame Neutered Cat

    Hi yes I’m here. Where in Saudi are u located? And what vet clinic/vet did you use?
  3. Lauren4883


    I’m so sorry for your loss. I too lost a kitten on Monday who was very ill and I only had her for 48hrs but it breaks my heart every time. Saki was beautiful May she RIP and be playing with all the other little babies at the rainbow bridge . And you are right, she got to know love and kindness...
  4. Lauren4883

    Introducing Second Litter Box?

    I think the others peoples advice is good, show her where it is and I’m sure she will start using it especially when she is locked out of the room. She’s just used to her usual spot but I’m sure she will use the other one if she needs to. Try not to stress and just see how it goes with time.
  5. Lauren4883

    Poor Luna Scratching Her Neck Raw

    Maybe it’s a reaction to the flea medication? Or a behavioural problem? I had a cat with anxiety who use to pull her hair out when she was anxious, which I initially had thought she had a skin problem. Maybe there is an article in this site somewhere that might be useful. I don’t know too much...
  6. Lauren4883

    Poor Luna Scratching Her Neck Raw

    Have you got a picture? Could it be that she’s really scratching her ears a lot which is damaging the skin on her neck? Which could be ear mites. I don’t know if you have it there but mebo cream from a pharmacy works wonders on wounds and is safe to use on cats
  7. Lauren4883

    Introducing Second Litter Box?

    Could you just keep both boxes into the usual location? Or you want them to be separated? I have 2 in my bathroom and they use both no problem.
  8. Lauren4883

    Cat Started Throwing Up 2 Days Ago And Has No Apetite.

    I think you should take him to the vet as soon as you can. Hopefully it’s nothing but it’s better to be safe, and no food for a few days can start to cause liver problems so it’s best to get some expert advice ASAP
  9. Lauren4883

    I Have Ringworm But Cats Showing No Signs

    I wouldn’t go too crazy about it. Clean and disinfect everything sure and bath the kitten - usually you have to leave the shampoo on for ten mins before rinsing. Since You can’t bath the adult cat (I wouldn’t be able to either ) you could try lamisil tablets instead - you would need to ask your...
  10. Lauren4883

    Check This Bone Structure!

    Hahaha so true
  11. Lauren4883

    Check This Bone Structure!

    Haha don’t worry my Facebook is always overloaded with cat stuff I know how u feel especially when they are kittens I’m like ‘oh you’re so clever having a drink and knowing you are thirsty’ so stupid I know lol
  12. Lauren4883

    Check This Bone Structure!

    Of course you aren’t annoying! He’s very cute ❤️
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    Comment by 'Lauren4883' in article 'Rescuing Cats In Saudi Arabia - Lauren's Story'

    Thank you I will! I just had 7 cats arrive in Canada 10hrs ago so now they have a few days peace before going up for adoption. Yes it seems in too many places it’s left to people like us to do all the hard work which is so difficult without government support and funding. We do the best we can...
  14. Lauren4883

    Introducing Older Cats?

    Yea I would feel sorry for her as well. Give it a try you never know they might love each other! And it’s just 2 cats, your baby will still get just as much attention as he usually does
  15. Lauren4883

    Spots Of Blood After Neutering?in

    Glad to hear he’s doing well yea I have cats that foam at the mouth with meds u just have to try get it down as far back in their throat so they swallow it without playing round with it in their mouth that’s when the foaming starts lol. Why is he on meds though? He shouldn’t need anything?
  16. Lauren4883

    What To Do When You Have A Very Stressful Busy Career And Come Home To Cat Chores?

    I know how you all feel. I’m away 14hrs a day/night when I work but I love coming home to them waiting for me. When I have kittens I always have more then one so they have company while I’m gone - even though as I write this 2 keep fighting and I just finished nightshift and need to sleep it’s...
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    What To Do When You Have A Very Stressful Busy Career And Come Home To Cat Chores?

    No problem. I hope u feel better about everything soon
  18. Lauren4883

    What To Do When You Have A Very Stressful Busy Career And Come Home To Cat Chores?

    My advice is to give it time and I’m sure your stress levels will decrease and you will find caring for the cats less of a burden. I live in a foreign country, work 12hr shift work and care for over 30 cats (less now I’m sending them abroad), I found that even though I had so much extra work to...
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    The Mega Pawsitive Fundraiser

    I have already posted but I’m happy to say that I have 7 rescue cats arriving in Canada in 3hrs from saudi to find loving homes. That’s 19 cats gone now! It’s a lot quieter here now but I’m so happy they will now have a safe and happy future
  20. Lauren4883

    Please Help, Cat Missing Nearly 4 Weeks

    If you still have any of her dirty cat litter u can spread it around your garden I have heard this can help them smell where their home is. Good luck I know how awful it is when they go missing