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  1. fionasmom

    Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

    Jamie, who is 4, had an echocardiogram yesterday which showed moderate hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and tachycardia. The doctor prescribed Atenolol and Plavix. He has been having issues with high BUN readings for about 2 years and his last renal index indicated kidney failure within two years...
  2. fionasmom

    Sheba Quality Issue

    A few days ago I received a shipment of Sheba cuts from Chewy....see picture. I called them and they replaced it without even asking to see the pics. The other day I found 2 very puffy swollen that botulism? I threw they out; the others from the same pack were not swollen.
  3. fionasmom

    skittish and pregnant

    I am not the expert on this and hopefully some who are experienced with breeding might respond. I don't think, from what I have read, that her milk will stop but that she may become restless and preoccupied and lose interest in nursing. Nursing does not prevent a cat pregnancy.
  4. fionasmom

    OTC Food for Kidneys

    Jamie just had his latest kidney test (BUN/creatinine) yesterday which we do on a regular basis. His BUN was 41, which was down from 42 and creatinine was normal, down from 2.2. The Renal Index, however, indicated kidney failure projected for the next 24 months. He is not diabetic or...
  5. fionasmom

    Honest Kitchen

    That is the question...does anyone use it and have any opinions about it. A friend swears by it and says both her dogs and cats love it.
  6. fionasmom

    Veterinary School Phone Consultation

    Does anyone know if any of the major veterinary schools will do a phone consultation? I would be willing to pay for the time. I do not want or need a diagnosis for my dog, as he has been diagnosed and given a treatment plan by a major referral hospital in the area. I am really interested in...
  7. fionasmom

    Foot injury

    Spock is a TNRed feral who lives on my property. He is an older boy and allows me to touch and scratch the top of his head but no more. He has had a couple of episodes of what appear to be either a hurt foot or a pulled muscle in which he starts to limp on left front leg. The last time was in...
  8. fionasmom

    Enzyme cleaner

    I know that this is posted frequently and I have written down some responses....Fizzion, SCOE 10X, OdorKlenz. Is there anything else to help get rid of cat urine odor on various surfaces. Sorry I did not take better notes, so feel free to just list a name of a product if you know of one and I...
  9. fionasmom


    Since I cannot get the new indoor cat to the vet for tapeworms during this time, I am considering using Profender which I believe is available without a prescription from Canada. Of course, I read all the reviews which means that you see those whose cat reacted or where unhappy with it. Any...
  10. fionasmom


    There is a rooster who has been sighted a few blocks from me and there have been multiple posts on Nextdoor about him. Some people in the area do have chickens although I don't know what zoning is or if the rooster is allowed but that does not bother me either way. His MO is that he stays within...
  11. fionasmom


    One of my newly inside only former ferals has tapeworms. I am sure which one because Elise is the one who won't use the conventional litter box but does use an old photocopy paper box top with a dog pee pad inside. My vet is only filling prescriptions and seeing emergencies. All I have ever done...
  12. fionasmom

    Not Using Litter Box

    A couple of this very busy and stressful time I want to say that I did search this on TCS and read many of the responses to this problem, so I don't want anyone to take extra time that you don't have with this. Also, I am the one who, a few weeks ago, assured someone that I have...
  13. fionasmom

    Cat Proof Screens

    Do these even exist? I have just transitioned long term outdoor feral sisters Alice and Elise to indoors. They have made a very smooth transition and have been outside at the back window for so long (cared for of course with food and shelter) that my cats seems to have immediately accepted them...
  14. fionasmom

    Trauma after vet visit

    Yesterday I took my 14 year old diabetic cat Stella to the vet for a routine blood and urine test. She has been treated for diabetes for 2 years and aside from that is a healthy cat. She has mild neuropathy in the back legs which does not prevent her from walking around. When they were done...
  15. fionasmom

    CBD/Hemp and Cats

    I received my email from this morning with their scheduled updates about medications and supplements. One was called CBD Safe for Pets? and had some interesting information. The part that involved cats said that 8 cats were given a CBD infused fish oil capsule at the dosage of 2...
  16. fionasmom

    Supplementing With Taurine

    My oldest girl cat Eve has been refusing her normal food but will eat Gerber's meat baby food or oil packed tuna that is finely crushed. We are working with the vet, but at this point those are the foods she will eat. Years ago I supplemented with taurine for an outdoor feral as he aged, but...
  17. fionasmom

    Little Bunny Foo Foo

    Jamie is our adored three year old indoor only rescue orange male. There are 4 other much older indoor only females in the house. Once in a while he will chase one but for the most part hangs out with my husband and I. Last summer I TNRed several ferals who were in the back part of our property...
  18. fionasmom

    Huge Recall On Dechra Veterinary Opthalmic Products

    Jamie was treated last week for conjunctivitis and prescribed Vetropolycin HC; however, since last Friday there has been little improvement. Today I received an email from Consume Affairs which stated that large numbers of Vetropolycin, Vetropolycin HC, and Puralube were recalled. When I checked...
  19. fionasmom

    Rx Clay

    I have an indoor only cat who is very difficult to get to the vet. Eve is more than likely an indoor feral, the only survivor of a feral litter born 14 years ago. I thought that she would adapt to being an indoor cat, which she absolutely has, with the exception of I can practically never touch...
  20. fionasmom

    Little City Dogs

    The title might say it all. What exactly are they selling? It appears to be copy cat versions of Capstar and the like. Yesterday at the vet's office, a client expressed concern that her TNRed cats were having flea problems and another client went over and explained that she needs to buy products...