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  1. Gremlin's Guesthouse

    Solvent-based furniture upholstery cleaners

    I'm replacing my couch and the fabric I'm considering must be cleaned with a water-free dry cleaning product. Has anyone used this type of product, and are they safe to use around pets?
  2. Gremlin's Guesthouse

    Is kitten kibble safe for 15-year-old hyperthyroid male cat?

    Peanut was just diagnosed as hyperthyroid and is now on methimazole. All other lab values, including renal, are good to fair. He has lost about 5# and I'm looking for ways to increase his calorie intake in order to gain some weight. I'm wondering if protein and phosphorus levels in kitten...
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    Lactated Ringers

    I've been paying around $38.00 (before tax) for a case of Braun ringers. A friend just told me that she went to order a case from the same local pharmacy and they told her it would cost $88.00 for a case of 12, $90 at Costco. Has anyone else run into this astonishing price increase, or could...