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  1. solomonar

    When it rains, it pours, doesn't it?

    Human and animals, we all are just visitors on Earth. We come and leave, when the Time comes, when we accomplish our Duty. We can recognise the Soul of our animal companions in rain and wind. It is OK to cry and smile. Hugs and tears!
  2. solomonar


    We are never prepared, some say. That is true for humans and cats as well. One has a Grandpa 90 years old, and he asked him to stay more on Earth, despite serious and painful conditions. Love lasts for ever and beyond the end - for sure. Hugs and tears!
  3. solomonar

    Lost our beloved kitty

    Empty space is hard to contemplate. Still, if we close our eyes, the space is no longer empty, but populated by happy memories we smile to. Everybody smiles when thinking to Siamese cats, even the ones who never saw one in reality. Compassion is a River of tears, some said. But smiles are like...
  4. solomonar

    Goodbye and thank you my dear friend

    Every second of our life is precious. And time is even more precious when we share our life with animals. Cats befriend us and it is something special in living with cats, something that we all know, but nobody can explain. Little tigers love us and we love them. Humans and cats alike come to...
  5. solomonar


    In my humble view, cats know all. They know when in the time, well in advance. This is because they live in a Realm we abandoned long ago. But it really matters to feel love of a human. Love encompasses life and end-of-life as well. Memories are part of our life. Hugs and tears !
  6. solomonar

    Kind of having a hard time with this one.

    An aortic aneurysm in humans may be never spotted (it does not hurt, it cant be detected EKG, only echo may offer some indication). It can turns rapidly into aortic rupture = death. Even small aneurysms could explode. This is something difficult to predict or prevent anyway. In USA, aortic...
  7. solomonar

    The Hardest Decision...Help Dealing with the Aftermath

    From our first breath, we start being guilty. It is impossible not to be guilty an entire life. Humans are selfish, all Creatures are selfish. Otherwise no Creature would ever exist. Am I guilty to decide the End of my Cat? Yes, I am. Am I guilty when decide not to offer my cat a nice path to...
  8. solomonar

    Safe Travels, Little Skittles...

    Once upon a time, when the Dark Forest covered the whole Earth, there was a Msichana Mdogo (that, my friends stands for "little girl" in East Africa). She was so cute and lovely, than the Moon calls her to live on her Realm. Because the Msichana Mdogo cant refuse anyone, she went the the cabin...
  9. solomonar

    Kind of having a hard time with this one.

    In line with above forum mates sayings: some people love to literally return to dust - that is, they want to be buried at the roots of a tree, to serve as fertilizer to the plant. Some say that such a procedure respects one Law of the Nature: "nothing ends". Nothing ends.
  10. solomonar

    Kind of having a hard time with this one.

    Your Cat was doing what Nature wants for any cat: roaming, looking for new territory. Nobody can control what happens during such journeys and since this is part of the Law, nobody can oppose. Sometime is simply not possible to save the Cat, no matter the efforts. We, humans, are not Masters. We...
  11. solomonar

    Kitten won’t use scratch post!!

    @Maria Bayote's post is genial! Thank you! I can only add that my cat loves to scratch the carpet at the entrance to the apartment, to such an extent that he will wake up and run to the door every time we go out. For him, it is like a gift. I reckon the density of the entrance carpet is...
  12. solomonar

    It's Been 5 Months

    I imagine myself looking down to my beloved after the Day. I imagine what I will tell them, if I could: My friends, please enjoy your life! Do not think to me, as I am well where I am! Hugs and tears!
  13. solomonar

    Punkin, Our Sweet Wild Girl

    Memories are always with us and some songs resonate with our Souls, A cat is a gift to our memories, more than a gift to our earthly bodies. With joy we will carry on because we have to accomplish our duty. Hugs and tears for Punkin the Cat!
  14. solomonar

    Goodbye Song-See Baby

    That is the Law, nobody can escape, we are not the Masters of Time. Remember that they are species whose individuals lives only 24 hours, not more. Just enough to feed and reproduce. They are human babies who cant survive to open the eyes in this world. One may ask himself: is it better to...
  15. solomonar

    chicken neck to adult cat?

    Chicken feet have a specific fish scale-like skin, I do not know whether that is acceptable for cats.
  16. solomonar

    chicken neck to adult cat?

    Then in fact, the larger, the better? I mean, if bones are only to clean teeth (my case), there is no need to swallow them.
  17. solomonar

    A Cat Called Chicken.

    This is a story of two friends. In the Old Time was always dark, nobody could see anything else then the stars. All Creatures had eyes, but just for ornament, like the on feathers of the peacock. When 2 humans met, they did not shake hands because they couldnt see each other so well. One day...
  18. solomonar

    chicken neck to adult cat?

    It depends on the turkey :flail: And on the cat. :p
  19. solomonar


    Not unusual. I experienced myself strange illness that come and go. Could be anything from not sufficient water to small trauma.
  20. solomonar

    chicken neck to adult cat?

    Very small ones. I talked to the seller. But is true that they dont have them all the time. An alternative is turkey necks (to big for my cat, but my cat is very small).