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  1. JamesCalifornia

    Bobcat meets kitty cat

    ~ Bobcat seems uninterested ...
  2. JamesCalifornia

    City Adopts No-Kill Program For Feral Cats 😺

    :)´ ~ City residents got involved to stop the euthanizing of feral cats. New Program Helps Stray Cats
  3. JamesCalifornia

    How Cats Eat 🍴

    ~ According to this article many of us are likely feeding our cats incorrectly ... :confused2: :redcat: We're Feeding Our Cats The Wrong Way I doubt most of us with multiple cats are able to change to the "cat schedule" outlined here .
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    Is Your Cat Happy ❓

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    🍴Kitty Cat Cafe ☕

    ~ This seems a nice idea. I hope it gets many cats adopted :) 🐈Catmosphere Cafe´
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    Another Grain-Free Warning

    ~ Certain "boutique" foods can affects cats. The FDA reported five cats died from cardiomyopathy linked to grain-free food. Pet Food Warning
  7. JamesCalifornia

    TNR Technique & Story

    ~ This is a nice story with some good information 👌 · Keeping Stray Cats Safe ·
  8. JamesCalifornia

    Shy Kitty

    ~ Another happy ending ...:catman: Shy Kitten Rescued
  9. JamesCalifornia

    Interesting Kitten Rescue 🐈

    ~ More crazy cat people. Beautiful ... 💕
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    😯 Friskies Discontinued ?

    ~ A message from . It appears 13oz cans may be discontinued ...? :dunno::headscratch: We're contacting you about your Autoship & Save order "Autoship #1." We're sorry, but one or more of your items have been discontinued and are no longer available: Friskies Classic Pate Turkey &...
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    Beautiful Stray Cat

    :lovecat:~ Another happy ending ... 💕 Love Meow 😻
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    ~ Here are some interesting facts about our kitty cats. I was surprised by #5 ... :catman: Best Life
  13. JamesCalifornia

    Life Lessons

    🌿~ Many of us will be reluctant caregivers to a loved one - likely a parent or spouse . When they are gone we will wish that they were still here.🍃
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    Blind Kitten Rescued

    🌈 ~ This has a nice ending ... 😽👌
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    💞 Kittycat Therapy 😺

  16. JamesCalifornia

    Chain Of Love 💕

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    🐈Cats & Dogs🐩

    `:redcat: Another example of why we love our pets ... 💕
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    Unlikely Assistance 👥

    👉 From the internet : 💻 ~ Here is a true story. I have gone anonymous because I can still be affected by this event. I was pulled over on the side of the highway about a year after getting out of the military. I was having nightmares, extremely bad nightmares, and I was living in my car. My...
  19. JamesCalifornia

    Another Cat Rescue

    ~ Injuried Mama Cat gets rescued...💕 :catlove: [ NOTE: Video will not play direct on site. Please click once on video - then once again after notice ]