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  1. raskolnikov

    Black Cats Only

    Seems Kiwi is getting ready for Halloween (she is in the halloween decorations box).
  2. raskolnikov

    Kitten Doesn't Like Sisal Rope?

    My cat also will not touch sisal, but loves seagrass and distressed wood. We ended up buying seagrass online, pulled the sisal off the scratcher we bought, and replaced it with the seagrass. The only problem with seagrass is that it shreds very quickly, but I think thats part of why kitty likes...
  3. raskolnikov

    Black Cat Getting White Spots

    Here is a picture of the large spot behind her ear. She wouldn't sit still long enough for any other photos. :)
  4. raskolnikov

    Black Cat Getting White Spots

    Thank you. The cats in that link are truly stunning! Good to hear it is cosmetic only. Hopefully this is the case for Kiwi and isnt some condition or lack of nutrient that was missed on her checkup. I trust my vet and Kiwi's coat is glossy and feels soft, so it probably isn't anything to...
  5. raskolnikov

    Black Cat Getting White Spots

    Hi everyone! My long fur black cat Kiwi was entirely black when I adopted her. She was 2 years old at time of adoption. Within a few months she developed a small patch of white ticked fur behind her left ear. The patch has gotten larger as is now about 2 inches in diameter. She also got a...
  6. raskolnikov

    The lure of a fresh, clean litter box

    When my cat sees me cleaning the litter box, she will walk right into it, as if im not even there. And she has three litter boxes!
  7. raskolnikov

    Black Cats Only

    My kiwi under a rainbow. She looks a bit grey here, but she is definitely black.
  8. raskolnikov

    Let Me See Your Fluff

    I too love all these fluffy bellies! Kiwi is also my first long fur cat, and she took us by surprise because she was short furred at the animal shelter.
  9. raskolnikov

    Leo Loves The Coffee Table

    He looks so soft and has beautiful eyes.
  10. raskolnikov

    New, Again?

    Thank you! I'm working at becoming more confident in my decisions regarding my cat's welfare. I just want her to be a happy and satisfied indoor cat, and I'm hoping by being active here again I can make sure she is. :)
  11. raskolnikov

    New, Again?

    Thank you both for the welcome back! I do hope to stay a while and I will gladly pass on all hugs and kisses.
  12. raskolnikov

    New, Again?

    Hello! I'd like to reintroduce myself, as it has been so long since I used this account, I didn't even know I had one until I tried to sign up again and my email was already registered! I am also a considerably different person since I last used my account. Reading my old posts makes me...
  13. raskolnikov

    Leaving a Cat Behind

    No, I'm letting my parents take care of my cat while I'm away. And I am definitely returning for her. I just want to make sure I won't be traumatizing my cat as much as I am traumatizing myself.
  14. raskolnikov

    Leaving a Cat Behind

    I'm going to be going away for about two years and it is likely I will not be able to bring my cat with me during this time. I wouldn't normally consider this an issue, but my cat seems to be attached to me. It sleeps under my covers with me at night, follows me around the house, and when...
  15. raskolnikov

    Pics of my ratties and hamster

    Ratties are so cute! I just wish I wasn't so allergic to them. :c
  16. raskolnikov


    Hi, I'm fairly new myself but I think I'm still allowed to welcome others. I'm sorry you had to lose a kitty and I hope your new kitties adjust well!
  17. raskolnikov

    Anyone know what causes nightmares?

    As far as I know, which is only as much as I've been taught in college--I myself have never taken part in sleep studies--dreaming is still not understood very well. I've read multiple theories, but they're all just theories. My guesses, of course, are similar to what's already been posted...
  18. raskolnikov

    Are they Fighting?

    Thank you for the link! Sorry I didn't do a thorough enough check to find it. And thank you Laurie, for that useful information! I suppose I should tell the others in my house to not bother the two cats while they're interacting?
  19. raskolnikov

    Are they Fighting?

    I'm having trouble interpreting the behavior of two of my cats. I wonder, can anyone here help? Orange Cat (an adult male) and Fig Newton (a female "kitten"-- actually 1.5yrs old, but hasn't lost any kitten energy) will often be in the same room, near each other, and won't cause problems...