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  1. maiaelizabeth

    new cat tree

    Yesterday I got a cat tree from amazon. I thought Foley and Maia were going to be ecstatic with it and even fight over who got to be on the top. Surprise surprise... they did not even get near the darn tree. I put catnip all over it and all Foley did was rub himself against it after eating all...
  2. maiaelizabeth

    Maia and Foley's vet check uph

    Maia and Foley had their physical on Friday. Maia is 10 pounds and Foley 14. Their health is good overall. I just need to brush their teeth more often. Foley is borderline gingivitis and I am cleaning his teeth with a gauze because i Lost his toothbrush. I bought the C.E.T. dental treats tuna...
  3. maiaelizabeth

    Tax Refund. What are you going to buy?

    I did not get much this year because I did not work much last year, but the little I got its going towards paying a bunch of stuff. Obviously I had to get something for my babies so I bought this water fountain and I'm really excited to see how Maia and Foley are going to react. I hope they...
  4. maiaelizabeth

    eye watering way to much HELP PLEASE

    Maias left eye is watering and it looks sort of oozy and she I'd closing it very often. I just noticed this. She was playing yesterday with Foley and he might have scratched her but I didnt see anything last night. WWhat could it be what can I do? I'm gonna take her to the vet tomorrow I hope...
  5. maiaelizabeth

    distemper shots

    hello i was doing some research on feline distemper because next month is Maia and Foleys yearly check up. they both got the shot before foley as a kitten and Maia later on. so i wanted go know if the vaccine booster was really necessary and i found this article. i am certainly not giving...
  6. maiaelizabeth

    are urine and fecal exams necessary every year?

    I got a letter from my vet saying I was due for Foleys yearly check up and it said I should handle them a sample of his urine refrigerated and poop sample. Is this necessary and how in the world am I supposed to get the sample? Thank you for your help
  7. maiaelizabeth

    just chillin

  8. maiaelizabeth

    foley had a little accident

    When I woke up this morning to get ready for work I went on doing my usual routine. Maia was meowing for me to go to the kitchen and because she doesn't do that too often I love to hear her when she does so I followed. The kitchen floor had blood and when I followed the path it went to the...
  9. maiaelizabeth

    Maia the ballerina

    I think Maia looks like a little ballerina with her hands like that ... So cute
  10. maiaelizabeth

    envious kitty

    Maia didn't used to like the scratching post before but now she's kind of taken possession of it. Foley thought it was just his because she never used it and now they fight about it. There's another thing for them to scratch but I think it's a territorial thing. Weird thing since they share the...
  11. maiaelizabeth

    Happy National Cat Day

    How are we going to celebratecelebrate our loyal friends. I don't know about you but Foley is always there when I need him. I am from another country so I'm far from my family and even though I got to see them this year is really hard for me to be apart. So because of that I find myself crying...
  12. maiaelizabeth

    daddy's little girl

    Maia just loves to sleep on top of her dad 10084128522128571
  13. maiaelizabeth

    purrrr foley

    This is an every day thing 128159128159128159128159100841008410084
  14. maiaelizabeth

    little bump in 2yrs old kitty stomach

    Maia has always been a skinny girl. Petite even. After she got spayed in February she did gain a little weight. She's had a belly since then. Well Saturday I was kissing her tummy when I felt a little bump. She kinda got upset when I touched it and I wasn't even sure it was there. I don't know...
  15. maiaelizabeth


    What is regurgitation exactly? Maia eats really fast sometimes and when im gonna wash her plate I found food undigested mostly kibble but sometimes I have found the fancy feast on the floof apparently recently evacuated because is still warm. and its not that shes sick because her stool is...
  16. maiaelizabeth

    Two year old neutered male urinating in clothes!

    i have always had that problem with Foley since we got him. I dont know why he likes to pee in our clothes. at first it was only my boyfriends but now he is peeing in my expensive nighties and everything else that i leave in the laundry basket. what can be causing this and what can i do to stop...
  17. maiaelizabeth

    What do your cats chew on?

    I don't think I've heard of cats chewing on your personal stuff like some dogs do but I would like to think my cats are unique. And all of them are in some way, they have very different personalities as well different gifts as I like to say. I got Maia when she was 8 weeks old and I was so happy...
  18. maiaelizabeth


    20131022_114511.jpg (2,661k. jpg file) Today is my baby boy's second birthday. He has a sister that's older than him by a month but he is way bigger. Foley weighs 15 pounds and loves to purr. He's my purry little baby. I bought him a kitty cube as a birthday present and he already destroyed...
  19. maiaelizabeth

    Sleepy girl

    Hi this is Maia and she loves to sleep. When I came back from work yesterday she was in my bed and as soon as she saw she woke up but was still sleepy and when she made this beautiful yawn I snapped a pic. Just look at her face sooo freaking beautiful :heart4:
  20. maiaelizabeth

    Do your cats drool when they're relaxed?

    Foley loves me to pet him when im watching tv. he usually just comes and lays on my chest and while I pet him he drools so much that is so funny, he even makes saliva bubbles. same thing with Maia but she only gets her mouth wet she doesn't actually leaves me drooly. ;):hobbes: