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  1. goholistic

    Sebastian, the feline love of my life

    My sweet, spirited, beautiful Sebastian took his last breath on March 17, 2016. My precious boy is gone.  I knew that losing Sebastian would hit me incredibly hard. He was my world, my everything. The one I looked after day in and day out. The one for whom I would do anything. There's always...
  2. goholistic

    Dental surgery for a senior cat with serious, chronic health issues (and potentially cancer)

    Hi all.     I've been out of touch, having to put most of time into focusing on work, my kitties, and trying to take care of myself. As many of you know, Sebastian is my "special" kitty with chronic GI issues and now potentially small cell lymphoma.     He's hanging in there and doing...
  3. goholistic

    FDA takes steps to prevent sale of RenAvast for CRF/CKD

    I came across some posts where it seems some of you might have used, or are using, RenAvast for your cat's chronic renal failure / chronic kidney disease. I thought you should know that the FDA is taking enforcement action against Bio Health Solutions LLC, makers of RenAvast. A press release was...
  4. goholistic

    Update on Boo - good news, bad news, treatment questions

    His previous thread can be found here: But since it's been awhile, I wanted to start a fresh, new thread. He was at the vet last week for a check-up. THE GOOD NEWS.   I think we were successful at addressing his food allergies. He's...
  5. goholistic

    Why can't Sebastian handle homemade food?

    Why can't Sebastian handle homemade food? Raw or cooked? Quick background for those who don't know: Sebastian has chronic pancreatitis and was / is on a diet of 70% premium canned and 30% home-cooked supplemented with Balance It. He seemed to do pretty well on this most of the time. We tried...
  6. goholistic

    Single Protein Cooked Rotational Diet

    I currently have Sebastian on a rotational diet in which I feed one single protein for three weeks before moving on to the next protein. He currently gets 70% canned and 30% home-cooked (always a matching protein) supplemented with Balance It. His menu is as follows: Rabbit Pork Turkey Beef...
  7. goholistic

    Vet is pushing vaccine for my cat with chronic pancreatitis

    I am distraught. Our regular (traditional/Western) vet is pushing that Sebastian get his 3-year rabies vaccine. Sebastian has chronic pancreatitis, and in all seriousness, the vaccine could kill him. He's almost 13 years old and indoors-only. He needs a check-up, and I have an appointment...
  8. goholistic

    Protein in urine, yet non-proteinuric

    Hi there!  My cat Boo (14 years old) has shown a 1+ for protein on every urinalysis for the past year. He has also lost weight and his appetite isn't great. When we do the protein:creatinine ratio test, it shows he is non-proteinuric. His BUN and creatinine on routine blood work have always...
  9. goholistic

    "Dried egg product" in cat food

    For some reason, it is bothering me that this ingredient is showing up in more and more cat foods, both wet and dry, premium and economical. Perhaps it's because any wet foods I have purchased for my cats to try that had dried egg product in it have a weird smell (eggy?) and weird consistency...
  10. goholistic

    Bravo® Issues Nationwide Recall of Raw Pet Food

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - May 14, 2014 - Manchester, CT – Bravo is recalling select lots and product(s) of Bravo Pet Food because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. FDA recall notice: Announced on...
  11. goholistic

    Cooling pet beds

    Anyone ever buy a cooling pet bed for your cat? If so, did the cat like it? What are your experiences? I am looking into it for Sebastian. He's a black, long-haired kitty who tends to run warm as it is, and the summertime can be so uncomfortable for him. I do put the AC on, but where I live is...
  12. goholistic

    Fat Content of Duck - Too Much?

    Sebastian gets fed home-cooked and premium canned. We're just starting his duck rotation for three weeks in which he'll get Nature's Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Duck canned food, which is a little higher in fat (30% DMB minimum) I think compared to other canned foods. He'll also get...
  13. goholistic

    Sebastian - Chantilly / Tiffany Cat?

    I don't normally post in this forum, but a similar title of another thread caught my attention. I was going to respond in that thread, but thought it wouldn't be nice to hijack the thread that is supposed to be about someone else's cat. 
  14. goholistic

    New Tiki Cat line of wet food (Gourmet Carnivore)

    Tiki Cat has come out with a new line of canned cat food called Gourmet Carnivore that uses organ meats in an attempt to "replicate a true wild prey diet." Here's the news release: What drew me to this food was the...
  15. goholistic

    Aflatoxins, Melamine, and Cyanuric Acid found in US Made Pet Food

    Posted just today from
  16. goholistic

    Cat in a [butcher's] bag :-)

    I'm not a big picture-poster, but I just had to share this. I asked the butcher for a bag for the chicken thighs I bought for Sebastian. The bag was HUGE, but Sebastian was willing to travel to get a close-up whiff. 
  17. goholistic

    What cut of beef would be best for home-cooked?

    I have Sebastian on a protein rotation in which I provide a one-protein canned food and matching home-cooked for three weeks before moving on to the next protein. For example, right now we're on turkey and he gets turkey canned food and cooked turkey thighs (supplemented with Balance It)...
  18. goholistic

    Best rotation to prevent food allergies

    I wasn't sure whether to post this in Cat Nutrition in general, or the Raw & Home-Cooked forum because I'd like input from those folks, as well. I think Sebastian is prone to food allergies, and this could definitely be a contributing factor to a lot of his issues. He was on a rabbit-only diet...
  19. goholistic

    Reputable source for exotic meats

    It seems my Sebastian may have a genetic predisposition for developing food allergies, so I may need to get creative with rotating in various exotic/novel proteins on a regular basis to keep his body from reacting. Does anyone know of a reputable, reliable, and affordable online source for...
  20. goholistic

    Pork in cat food - what's the deal?

    I thought I read that cats shouldn't eat pork.     I'm seeing more and more commercial brands using pork in their dry and canned formulas. Some even feed raw pork. Are there any dangers to pork? Is it considered a novel protein? Some brands carry canned pork formulas, but I noticed they tend to...