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  1. betsygee

    What Should You Be Doing Instead Of Being On Tcs - 2020

    Getting ready to go! I need to leave the house in 45 minutes to meet my mom for breakfast and I'm not even dressed yet. :eek3:
  2. betsygee

    Goodbye and thank you my dear friend

    It's very hard when they've been a beloved family member for so long. I'me very sorry for the loss of your girl--my heart goes out to you. :hugs:
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    Betty's Straight Legs (post Your Straight Leggers)

    It's Ozzy's favorite pose.
  4. betsygee

    Recipes - Main Dishes And Entrees - Vegetarian/vegan

    I used some of the butternut squash and corn mix that I had leftover from the recipe above ⬆ as enchilada filling for this recipe. It was delicious. If you don't like really spicy foods, you could use just one chipotle chili instead of the 2-3 it calls for in the mole.
  5. betsygee

    Cats missing you

    I have a photo somewhere of Ozzy sitting at the front window waiting and watching me as I returned home. So cute. :hearthrob: If I find it, I'll post.
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    So very sorry about your kitty. We'll close the thread now out of respect for your loss. We invite you to post a tribute to your sweet girl in our Crossing the Bridge forum. Rest in peace, little one. :rbheart:
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    post funny picture and memes here

    Even when you touch a bag that vaguely has the treat bag sound... :fear:
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    Question of The Day. Saturday 22nd of February.

    I've been traveling since I was 20, so I've had a few passports. It's dark blue and I think doesn't expire until 2028 or something. I just renewed it a couple of years ago. I just got one of those. Pain in the butt for sure. Most of my mail goes to my PO box, and my spouse has a different last...
  9. betsygee

    Lost our beloved kitty

    So sorry about Mia. It's very tough to let them go, even when you know it's best for them. I'm glad to hear you're considering rescuing a shelter cat. There are so many who need good homes. RIP, little Mia. :rbheart:
  10. betsygee

    When it rains, it pours, doesn't it?

    Oh, I'm so sorry. To lose two so close together is very hard. Rest in peace, Jack and Cici. :rbheart:
  11. betsygee

    Question of the Day, Friday, February 21

    Ours is stucco, sage green in color. I love it. It used to be white and really stuck out, we could see it from the highway when we drove by. Now it kind of blends in with the oak and pine trees around us. There was mostly wood trim and doors. When we got dark bronze/rust colored gutters, we got...
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    Question of the day - Wednesday Feb 19

    I don't know what causes it, but it sure is cute to watch. Sometimes it's just one of them, sometimes two or three chasing each other. We have a long hallway so they'll start in the living room, race down the hall into the TV room, around the furniture and back up the hallway to the living room...
  13. betsygee

    Close to the end?

    So very sorry to read the news of Teddy. We'll close this thread now out of respect for your loss. We invite you to post a tribute to little Teddy if you'd like in our Crossing the Bridge forum.
  14. betsygee

    Empty house - what to do after?

    Are you in a position to foster kitties? If not, a foster program might be able to use some of those things. I donated some cat trees and other things to new kitty foster homes. They were really appreciated.
  15. betsygee

    My cat ate dryer sheets

    @Horizon we are so sorry that this sad news brought you to our website. Thank you for sharing your story to try to help other pet owners. Our deepest condolences for your loss. If you'd like to post a tribute to your sweet kitty, we invite you to do so in our Crossing the Bridge forum.
  16. betsygee

    Please have your affairs in order

    Yes to making sure wishes for minor children are clear. I've been after my stepkids for years to get their wishes in writing so that if something happens to them, it won't be a legal nightmare deciding guardianship of their children. But as @Winchester mentioned, they think they're too young to...
  17. betsygee

    Mammary Tumors

    So very sorry to read this news. We'll lock the thread now out of respect for your loss. As @Furballsmom mentioned, we invite you to post a tribute to your sweet kitty in our Crossing the Bridge forum.