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    Canadian Canned Food Question...Again.

    So...I took Montgomery to the naturopath last week. To make a very long story short, the veterinarian believes that his random but very scary sneezy hyperventilation thing, among other things, are diet related. So his advice was to get him off dry food and onto a different canned food, or...
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    Looking For A Wet Food Recommendation (Canada)

    Montgomery is a nine and a half year old tabby cat. He has EPI, IBD and SID. He has great difficulty digesting fat. He requires higher than normal fibre. He eats Royal Canin Spayed/Neutered Kitten dry food, and he was eating Royal Canin Ultra Light and Spayed/Neutered wet food. I weaned him off...
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    Frustrated With Veterinarian

    My veterinarian is paranoid and still won't let anyone into the clinic except in the case of euthanasia, so all conversations are held in the driveway. When we could go into the clinic, visits were thorough and unhurried, but outdoors you're lucky if you get a minute or two to ask questions, and...
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    Hello From Ontariariario

    Hello from a little colony of twelve rescued cats. Morgenne, Nia Maura, Ramona, Kitty Fantastic, Sylvia Rose, Thoby, Susan Quinn, Dusty Springfield, Montgomery, Pennie, Flapjack and Rosey. We are all senior and special needs cats. We own two pet humans who are somewhat trained. Its very nice to...
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    Urban King Cat Food

    Has anyone had any experience with this? It looks interesting and not too difficult, but am on the fence when it comes to trying it.