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  1. zorana_dragonky

    UTI/Kidney issues in a multi-cat household

    I need to talk to the vet for more information, so at this point I am just probing for more information from the lovely people here. My boyfriend and I are discussing moving in together, which means combining cat households. I have three cats who eat Taste of the Wild dry and various wet foods...
  2. zorana_dragonky

    Happy 2nd Birthday Pixel! (pic heavy)

    In honor of Pixel's second birthday, here are some shots of her so far this year! In a box fort: Supervising while I do my homework: I love how she squishes herself into the basket: And snuggles her own face: ohai! im in ur closet, furrin up ur clothes: Loving some pettings: Now...
  3. zorana_dragonky

    Happy 2nd Birthday Bamf! (pic heavy)

    I know that I haven't been around a lot recently. I just reacquired the internet at home, so I hope to be able to post more. I usually only have time to view a few threads from work, so it's nice to have the internet at home again. So, anyway, in honor of Bamf's second birthday today (March...
  4. zorana_dragonky

    Pixel & Bamf - Sleeping, playing, and getting into trouble!

    It's that time again! I have so many photos that I have taken since the last time I posted pictures, which I think was only a month or so ago. Hopefully, this won't be too many and I hope you all will enjoy them. Bamf falling off the couch while napping: Pixel, the queen of the upside down...
  5. zorana_dragonky

    Gwen Stacy - Kitten update!

    I have a new collection of Gwen Stacy photos that I thought you all would enjoy! She is getting so big! Playing under my sister's bed: The beaded bed skirt is meant to be a cat toy: Sniffing a paint brush: Attacking my foot: Having an adorable bath: Staring at me out of the corner of...
  6. zorana_dragonky

    20 Bengal Cat Signs

    I found this while surfing YouTube and I thought some of our members would get a kick out of it! This pair of Bengal kitties are very cute, and obviously their meowmy loves them very much. Check them out!
  7. zorana_dragonky

    He left.

    I realize that it is probably weird/sudden/strange, whatever, to just post this here but... My husband left me today. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say. I don't know anything, anymore. I don't have a job. I have been looking for months but I guess not in the right places or...
  8. zorana_dragonky

    Another June Contest "Help me!" thread!

    I have a collection of photos that I have been wavering about for weeks now, and I really just can't decide which one to use so hopefully you guys can help me. Baby Pixel: Pixel's adorable belly: Both kitties in a snuggle: Bamf's adorable belly: I don't know if it matters, but that...
  9. zorana_dragonky

    Pixel & Bamf making silly faces!

    Pixel was asleep, laying there all silly, and I woke her up... So she made a face at me (I think it looks like she is wrinkling her nose and saying "Ewwww!"): Here is the hair growing back on Pixel's back, for those that wanted to see (the hot spot was sooo huge ): I am not sure what this...
  10. zorana_dragonky

    Another Craigslist Story (sigh)

    I know, I know, we all know not to browse the pet listings on Craigslist, but I am there every day looking for jobs that I can apply to and sometimes I just can't resist reading the pet listings. This one killed me: $60 rehoming... 2 siamese cats to good home.... First, I'm a sucker for Siamese...
  11. zorana_dragonky

    My little sister got a kitten! (cuteness warning)

    And naturally I took some photos of her when I went down to visit. It looks to me like she is a dilute calico. She has some really neat classic tabby patterning in the cream and grey. She is a silly looking adorable kitten. Her name is Gwen Stacy. I has a fishie: I love her splotched back...
  12. zorana_dragonky

    New Photos of Pixel and Bamf!

    I realized tonight that I have not been exactly regular with adding photos of Pixel and Bamf. In fact, I never posted any photos of Pixel in her little socks or shirt... How horrible of me, since they are so funny... So, some folks might remember that a while back Pixel developed a scrape on...
  13. zorana_dragonky

    I don't know what to do.

    I'm not sure I am up to typing out everything I know yet, about our situation or background or his reasoning or whatever... I just wanted to say, and I guess I am probably just hoping for vibes or hugs or something... My husband told me last night that he had been thinking about leaving me...
  14. zorana_dragonky

    Rotating Signatures?

    There are a few members (sarahp and Laureen227) that I have seen with signatures that rotate. Every time I reload a page with one of their posts, I get a different signature. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks!
  15. zorana_dragonky

    April Photo Contest! Help?

    I took a hilarious photo of Bamf this morning. We have been having a problem with our bathtub drain, it has been doing a horrible job draining after we take a shower or bath, so I have to wait to let it drain every time. Then, after it drains out, I get down the sprayer and rinse out the bathtub...
  16. zorana_dragonky

    Pixel got hurt!!! Advice? (this is long, sorry...)

    I had company over last night and Pixel was being friendly and sweet, and there was nothing wrong with her. I went to bed fairly late (around 2:00 am) and was up by 8:00 and DH was petting Pixel and noticed a bright red spot between her shoulder blades. There was fur still covering it and it was...
  17. zorana_dragonky

    New pictures and videos of Pixel and Bamf! (Of course, many pics)

    Hey everyone! I found a video of Pixel and Bamf playing with the Cat Dancer when they were tiny kittens, right after we brought them home. It is so cute! I uploaded it to YouTube so you could watch it. Baby Pixel and Bamf + Cat Dancer = Awww The next video I have is a new video of Pixel...
  18. zorana_dragonky

    Happy Birthday Pixel (Lots of pics warning!)

    Today (technically it still feels like today because I haven't gone to bed yet ) Pixel is 1 year old! She used to be soooo tiny: She went from a shy little cutie when we first brought her home: To a great huntress: The queen of the cat dancer: She started to show us her personality and...
  19. zorana_dragonky

    Happy Birthday Bamf! (lots of pics warning!)

    Today Bamf is 1 year old! He used to be soooo tiny: He went from so sad when we first brought him home, with his ear infection and URI: To a playful little stinker: He was good at catching the Cat Dancer! He started to show us his personality and cuteness: His meerkatery: The face...
  20. zorana_dragonky

    Insomnia advice?

    Maybe by now some of you folks have noticed the inconsistency in the times I post. All through the night time, sometimes in the morning, afternoon, evening... Well, I realized that the best place to ask about my issue is probably TCS, at least for support! I am having an issue with insomnia...