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    Shredded Wellness Core

    Is the sunflower oil a healthy ingredient for cats?
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    In my quest for healthy wet food I keep coming across herbs and berries added to food. Would cats in the wild nibble blueberries or blackberrys? Is there a medical reason these type of ingredients are added or is it to make the humans think, oh yummy and healthy? I try to look for poultry or...
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    Hi, I have been scrolling through old posts but can't find this issue. My cat seems to have heavy breathing at times, such as if his lungs were congested. It is not scratchy just heavy. His breathing seems hard, kind of like he is purring but not. No cough, sneeze or watery eyes. He seems normal...
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    I bought some ground rabbit yesterday and gave a bit to my guy raw, he loved it, the rest I made into burgers, cooked medium well in only a bit of water to use over the next few days. I figured rabbits are part of a normal cat diet and it will be a good supplement to his wet food in gravy.
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    My Kitty

    Of two weeks as of yesterday, he is sleeping right now in a chair and I just snapped this pic. He is around 1.5 to 2 years old.
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    Ignore Function

    Is there an ignore function available to block users? I have gotten rude comments and would like to block a user. Makes life more pleasant:)
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    Feline Pos Cat Diet

    My new kitty tested positive at the shelter for feline leukemia. I was recommended to retest in two months to see if he was still positive. There was hope the test was wrong or that he might develope anti bodies. His blood work before I picked him up showed a high white cell count, but last...
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    Play Biting

    My new cat 2/3 years old sometimes likes to play bite and use his claws, not aggressively but they are a little sharp. I have been clipping them slowly when he is sleepy. We have had him less than two weeks and he is feeling a bit more confident I suppose and the play biting is coming out more...
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    Boiled Egg Or Scrambled

    Anyone feed their cat this? I was thinking of scrambled eggs without oil, just cooked plain or a boiled egg occasionally. I think my cat was previously feed human food probably raw, he went crazy over the smell of raw ground beef when I made burgers the other day. I have read online that eggs...