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    Tabby - Brown or gray?

    You have a beautiful kitty 😊 Thank you everyone! ❤️ I did not know “blue tabby” was a thing. I was calling her a silver tabby at the vet, but then I would see the tan color and wasn’t sure.
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    First time cat owner, cat keeps scratching me :(

    Get her another kitty friend. Problem solved. :) I’ve had a lot of cats in my life and honestly they all have their own different behaviors. Most won’t use their claws and bite instead, but some do. But the best thing I’ve found is to have another cat around, even if they don’t like each other...
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    Tabby - Brown or gray?

    Would you classify my tabby cat as brown or gray? Her mom is definitely a brown tabby and looks somewhat part bengal. Her siblings are all dark gray, solid color.
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    Kitten keeps peeing on blankets

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with this! It’s very frustrating to have any cat going outside of the box. I did adopt one kitten who randomly peed outside of the box after we brought him home. We took him to more than one vet and he did not have any infection or medical cause that we could see. He’s...
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    Kitten fvrcp vaccine

    I have a question about the vaccine. I rescued these feral kittens from outside so they were started on their vaccines a bit later. They are approximately 4 months now, or a very small 5 months, I’m not sure exactly. One kitten was rescued 3 weeks earlier so she had all 3 doses of fvrcp now...
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    Trapping blind kittens

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. ❤️🙂 It’s very heartwarming to hear.
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    Trapping blind kittens

    Just wanted to share an update if anyone wants to some positive news today. I managed to trap the sibling 3 weeks after the first kitten, and she was also sick with a URI. Both female kitties are healthy now and growing. I didn’t really have any issues socializing them, and they were never...
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    Hospital visit via kitten attack

    Yikes! That sounds terrifying. I had a cat like this who would sometimes try to attack me (not so seriously as this), but yes she was an only cat and I was living at my parents house so they would not let me get another one. When she would get in that mood to attack me, I would get a big pillow...
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    Tru Catch Traps

    I ordered the new round trap a couple months ago, and received an email that there was a 5 week backlog. But I think my order shipped within a couple weeks. I have a lot of their traps and never had a bad experience with them.
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    Parking lot cat

    He looks like a gray tabby cat. Cutie
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    Indolent Ulcer....Severe

    He has been on RC diet wet/dry since January. We did not do allergy testing yet. My vet is “anti-raw” diet due to bacteria being introduced into our living environment lol. I also don’t like the pea protein/grain free. I don’t know if it’s worth keeping him on RC rabbit if it’s not working and...
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    Indolent Ulcer....Severe

    I believe this is what my vet diagnosed my cat with. He has the “plaque” form which is a pink rash of bumps covering his inner thighs, and some of his stomach/chest. It causes him to overgroom constantly. It didn’t really show up until January this year. He is 2 years old. We tried diet change...
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    Huge strain on veterinary clinics post-pandemic

    The waits for vet appointments are insane where I live, about 3-5 weeks. I just spent 4 hours waiting at a vet hospital as a walk-in for a sick stray kitten. The local spay/neuter clinic with inexpensive pricing is booked up til January. I either have to fork over $200-300+ for a kitten spay, or...
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    My 6 month old cat won’t eat and gags when he smells food

    Make sure you bring him to a vet asap and make sure he has eaten at least within 2 days max or it’s a real emergency.
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    Please help, I took my cat to get neutered and he died.

    So sorry for your loss... that is a horrible thing to go through. I don’t have any good advice just that you and kitty are in my thoughts :(
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    Homing Stray Kittens

    I also would like to know where people bring rescued kittens to adopt out. I’ve tried rescue groups here but they ignore or say they are full. The “humane society” charges $150 to surrender an animal and they only accept personal pets. I don’t want to do the regular shelter/pound and have the...
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    Allergies- food trials HELP!

    Did you find a solution for kitty? My cat also has a skin allergy with lesions and overgrooming/hair loss that I thought was getting better, but now it’s right back again. We did a skin scrape and he was on prednisolone for a while and Royal Canin rabbit food (expensive $80 a bag or case of...
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    Cats spraying everywhere

    I would also consider vet checkups to see if any have health issues. I rescued an old stray in our brand new house. She had likely been someone’s pet before but had been abandoned and was very emaciated. She had litter boxes but began spraying/peeing on walls, corners, everywhere. Turns out...
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    How to keep cats out of rooms with doors?

    We have a door installed at the top of the stairs to keep the cats upstairs. I guess I got the idea from my parents because as a kid, we had a cat but they wanted to keep her in a certain part of the house sometimes, like if guests are over. So they put a door in the hallway.
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    Fighting Amongst Two of My Cats Help Please!

    I’m sorry they’re not getting along. When I see people’s pictures of their many cats together getting along, it amazes me and I’m envious! I have 4 because the first kitty attacked the second cat we got. Then the third kitty, he also attacked him only sometimes and the cat didn’t like it or...