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  2. lauracatlover

    Question Of The Day - Saturday, August 14th.

    I'm fluent in English But I can speak a bit of German, Spanish and French
  3. lauracatlover

    Saturday meow trivia

    I'm stuck with A or D.. But I can't say both so I'm gonna say D. 2 miles x
  4. lauracatlover

    I passed!!

    Thank youuu! x
  5. lauracatlover

    I passed!!

    Thankyou everyone!! xx
  6. lauracatlover

    I passed!!

    EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!! I passed my driving test first time today!!! I only got 3 minors and my driving instructor was really nice too Just thought I'd let you guys know, I'm so happy!! xxx
  7. lauracatlover

    One random thing NOBODY here knows about you

    Hmm... Something that no-one knows about me... Well I was bullied for 6 years, that's why I'm so self concious and shy But a more interesting one is that I've met Gok Wan the TV presenter, and oh my gosh! He was horrible in real life! All we wanted was one picture with him and he was so...
  8. lauracatlover

    Question of the Day: Tues. Aug. 3

    I don't currently have a job But I do work one day a week at a boarding kennels and cattery, which I absolutely LOVE and hopefully that is what kind of job I'd like to do when I leave college next year
  9. lauracatlover

    I'm Back!

    thanks for the vibes susan ... your facebook pictures of your 3 are so adorable! mitzi has added both of you xx
  10. lauracatlover

    I'm Back!

    Hi everyone I'm sorry I havent been on here for so long, a lot has happened since my last visit. I've finished my second year of college now, so have 10 whole weeks of nothing now until September! However, I do have my driving test coming up soon, no looking forward to that!! Mitzi is looking...
  11. lauracatlover

    I Broke My First Horse Ever!!! Our Buckskin Filly Tora

    wow she has grown!! :O beautiful xx
  12. lauracatlover

    Swollen Tear Duct

    We recently collected Mitzi from the cattery after our holiday, and she has a slighty swollen tear duct and slightly discoloured discharge. Any ideas? Maybe it's stress? Thanks p.s: her actual eyeball is fine
  13. lauracatlover

    Friday Meow Trivia!...;)

    I've been in Florida for the last 2 weeks Nice to know I've been missed!
  14. lauracatlover

    Da Bird

    she's played with it a little, hopefully she'll play a lot more once she settles back into her daily, play, sleep
  15. lauracatlover

    What you do when your best friend HATES cats?

    I hope everything goes well when you meet up by the way, love the kitty website!!
  16. lauracatlover

    Friday Meow Trivia!...;)

    yeeaahh i'm just gonna guess number 4!!
  17. lauracatlover

    Da Bird

    well we have been, and finally managed to get Da Bird! It was the last one on the shelf, we bought 2 replacements feathers and a kitty laser thanks for the advice on shops etc peeps! due to a late flight, we can't pick her up from the cattery till 5pm, so i have to wait 2 hours till i can...
  18. lauracatlover

    Pip The Zebra Finch

    sorry this is such a late reply!! by taking matters into his own wings, to cut a long story short, he murdered squeak and zippy!! pip died a few months ago now, and little mitzi is the only kitty living in our home
  19. lauracatlover

    Da Bird

    yeah, if and when we get one we will make sure it is put away when we're not there. to be honest, we're thinking she'll probably ignore it
  20. lauracatlover

    Da Bird

    oh yeah, if i do get her one i plan to buy around 20 replacement feathers lol I've just looked on the PETCO website and they sell it too, and it's right up the road from our hotel Mitzi will have a Da Bird soon! thanks starryeyedtiger