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  1. conikat

    My boy Tangee

    It's hard to believe it's been over a year since I lost my Rascal baby. It's been a rather depressing year all in all, but we've not lost any more. Three must've been enough for now.   For a long time I thought that I had changed so much from the grief, that it was going to be difficult for me...
  2. conikat

    Camper van cat travels

    We haven't tried the camping since we lost Paxi. He was so easy going and relaxed that even the ones who started by freaking took their cue from him and were totally relaxed by the second day. IF I can ever get my photos posted you can see it for yourself. I miss him so much! They drape...
  3. conikat


    I was just talking to another member about this. So I thought I'd throw it out for further discussion. I understand that others have mentioned visitations but I was thinking perhaps we could put it in one place, if you guys like the idea? So, what brought this up was me awakening in the middle...
  4. conikat

    My beautiful baby boy Rascal.

    Lost my beautiful baby boy RASCAL EARLY's been a rough road for all of us, but especially my little sweetheart. He suffered, sadly, no matter what I or the Vet tried. Despite negative blood work the vet still decided that it was FIP after all. We miss him terribly.....all of us...