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  1. katachtig

    Dear, sweet Carly girl

    10 years ago, DH and a friend went to PetSmart for some things. What they came home with were tales of a wonderful cat that they found there. Our friend was moving to a place in the mountains and was looking for a good mouser. I met this cat in question and it was Carly. She hugged me so...
  2. katachtig

    Smudge's Colorado Cafe

    Welcome to Smudge's Colorado Cafe Smudge's Colorado Cafe is a place for all kitties and their friends to come hang out. Some of our accommodations are:Comfy booths where you can enjoy our cuisine  Bar area with a big screen tv for the tough boys and girls to watch sports. We also have a dance...
  3. katachtig

    Kibble cat and meals

    I have successfully have 3 of my cats on regular meals with wet food and commercial raw.  They understand that food will be out for a half hour in the morning and evening.  If they eat fine, otherwise they wait until the next meal.  My problem is Lucy.  She will not consider a wet diet though...
  4. katachtig

    Remember this when your cat is walking across your keyboard

    You know those times when your favorite kitty has walked across your keyboard and really messed your computer up?  It usually takes me 10 minutes to figure out how to fix it. Think of this poor monk when he realized what the cat did.
  5. katachtig

    Amazing art of felines had an article about this artist who does all of his work with ballpoint pens.  His work is amazing and felines are one of his favorite subjects.
  6. katachtig

    Finding a pet sitter

    I need to find a pet sitter as the last time the cats were boarded, it didn't go well.  The cats need to be very comfortable with the sitter because they are on scheduled feedings now. Aoibhe needs eye drops and Lucy requires Tapazole.  Kiefer tends to be shy to the point of hiding.  Carly is...
  7. katachtig

    Nipping a problem in the bud

    I need some advice because I have a problem that I want to address before it gets worse. We had the heat ducts cleaned so I left the cats at the vet's for the day.  When we brought them home, we found that Aoibhe had peed in her carrier.  DH said that the four cats had been put into a room with...
  8. katachtig

    No more Christmas tree

    We have just finished renovating the basement .  But now we are trying to find a place for everything that has been in storage since the beginning of February.  One of those items is the Christmas tree.  It is a nice 7 foot tree and I do love it all decorated, but I have to face a reality that I...
  9. katachtig

    On the edge

    Aoibhe doesn't seem to have a problem sleeping on the edge.  Eventually, she does slide off.  (Excuse the quality as they are from my cell phone) She was doing ok here until Kiefer decided to go chase his mouse.
  10. katachtig

    She doesn't know what I'm saying....

    but she will have a conversation with me anyway. I've taken up a new hobby of weaving and I do a lot of counting out loud to keep track where I'm at.  Lucy, my weaving buddy, will sit beside me purring away and then start talking to me every few minutes.
  11. katachtig

    How did you get your first cat?

    Growing up, we only had a couple of dogs and I wasn't that close to them.  The only cat I knew was a gnarly farm cat that my grandmother had. Yet, somehow, I ended up being a cat person with four cats. My first cat was Skitters.  She showed up on the doorstep and moved right on in.  I think...
  12. katachtig

    Messing with heat register covers

    Just when you think you have them figured out, they come up with some imaginative and new. Kiefer has developed a fascination with the heat ducts.  He isn't allowed in the basement and there is some smell in the basement that attracts him.  When we had the hardwood floors put in, we replaced...
  13. katachtig

    ATTENTION: What to expect in the new forum

    As previously announced in Upgrading The Site - Official Announcement, we will be moving to the new forum on November 1st. The URLs will stay the same so you can still find us at Be sure that you know your password and that your email is up-to-date under your User CP...
  14. katachtig

    Where did summer go?

    There is now a winter weather advisory for the mountains so there is a chance of snow up there tonight. Cold and wet weather down in Denver. It was 90F only a couple of days ago.
  15. katachtig

    It's a box, I think.....

    I had a warping board (used for measuring yarn for weaving) on the table and it seemed to be a popular place with Aoibhe and Kiefer. I was able to get a picture of Aoibhe in it.
  16. katachtig

    Best tea for iced tea

    I'll be making iced tea for the weekend festivities. There is the Lipton tea bag standby, but I'm wondering what other people find to be the best kind of tea for iced tea. And does anyone have any tricks for making really good iced tea? It needs to stand on its own without sweetening as most...
  17. katachtig

    Hubby killed the microwave

    After 25 years, my microwave has finally died. Hubby was doing electrical work and accidentally cut the power to the kitchen. The microwave seemed to recover but when hubby used it again, it no longer works. It is dead, no display, no life. The plug worked with another appliance so the...
  18. katachtig

    Need to change a feeding behavior

    I now have the kittens and Carly eating canned and raw with no dry. They are doing wonderfully at it. My problem is Lucy. I cannot get her off the dry. But because she eats the dry, we have to supervise her eating or the others will clean the bowl out. She is driving me absolutely insane...
  19. katachtig

    Irritating words

    Are there some words that suddenly become irritating to you and you are hearing them everywhere? Lately the word "Arguably" (Open to argument: an arguable question, still unresolved) has irked me. Most of the time, it is used even when there isn't much contention over it (e.g. "Welcome to...
  20. katachtig

    Non-toxic wasp repellent

    We have a wasp who has been building a nest on the end of bolt in our mail box. Each day we knock off his efforts when we pick up the mail and he starts over. Most days it is the size of a thumbtack though Monday's was the size of a dime as he had more than a day to work on it. Since it is in...